Goddess Guide: 3 Ways to Tend to Your Inner Fire

Goddess Guide Goddess Guide: 3 Ways to Tend to Your Inner Fire

Goddess Guide: 3 Ways to Tend to Your Inner Fire

As the Wheel of the Year turns and brings us closer to Imbolc on February 1, we’re being reminded that these are the final days for rest and reflection. Now, in the Northern Hemisphere, the days begin to grow longer. We don’t have much more of the darkness and cold of winter to bear as we prepare for the arrival of spring and new creation. It’s also a call to explore the forces that can move us into the deeper creative potential of fire. Creativity, play, and radical self-love can be our guides on this part of the journey, warming our hearts and bodies with the flames of passion and vitality, not just in terms of love and sex, but in all areas of life. In this blog, I’ll share 3 ways to tend your inner fire and let your passion build in support of all you wish to birth in the year ahead.

1) Feel good in your body 

It’s not easy these days to develop and maintain a healthy, loving body image. Movies, TV, billboards, and social media constantly bombard us with idealized versions of beauty and desirability. No matter where we turn, something or someone is telling us how we should look, and what value that places on us as an individual. But where does that leave body love, that real, deep, unconditional love of your body as the vehicle that allows you to exist in and navigate this lifetime? I think being healthy and liking how you look is an important part of self-love, but beyond that is profound gratitude and connection to the body that has been and will be your one true companion until the end of this life. Your body makes it possible for you to be here, to hold your loved ones, to walk and run and dance, to eat delicious food and build beautiful things and make music – to be fully and passionately human and alive. You may not like certain things about it, perhaps that it gets sick or seems like the wrong size or shape, but it’s still there for you, making each moment possible. Love it for that, thank it, show it care and affection. You’re together for the long haul, so why not make it a more loving relationship?

2) Define “creativity” for yourself

Many of us grew up being told that we weren’t creative unless we knew how to paint or draw or sing, and were also good at it. The definitions of creativity out there are incredibly narrow and limiting, and leave a lot of people thinking, often at a very early age, that unless they’re Vincent Van Gogh, they’re completely uncreative and shouldn’t even try. But the definition of the word create is “to bring something into existence,” so if you thought of doing something and then did it, you engaged in a creative act. You brought it out of you with your thoughts, words, and actions. You were creative because you created it, and it can be anything. You were creative when you got dressed and applied makeup this morning, when you helped your child piece together a costume for their play date, when you made your sandwich at lunch, and when you sent that funny and sweet text to your best friend after dinner. Your creativity is like your personal signature, the unique way you express everything you do, however simple. You may not paint, but you may love your children with real creativity and flair. Your hugs and kind words are your work of art! When you do anything with deep feeling and authenticity, you’re being creative, and it’s beautiful and part of the magic that you contribute to the world.

3) Engage the power of play

Playfulness in daily life is so undervalued. We trudge along, our shoulders burdened with responsibilities, and life starts to feel dull and gray. But it doesn’t have to! It’s completely within your power to decide how you’re going to meet each experience, each moment even. Let your heart and your step lighten. Look for what is beautiful, cheerful, and even funny about what’s going on around you. What does playing mean to you? Do you make time for it? If not, why not? The next time it rains, splash in a puddle. Is it snowing? Make a snowball and toss it at your partner! Chat to that bird you see in your yard every morning. Make finding a parking spot a game. Being serious all the time is stressful, creating bodily tension and a fear of making mistakes or looking foolish. Who wants to live like that? Be childlike in your curiosity about what lies ahead, and imagine that it will be a great adventure. It all starts with your mindset  – you can paint your world with vibrant colors! 

Your Monthly Cosmic Forecast ✨🌟✨

The theme of this blog is tending your inner fire, your creative juices, and your passion, which makes the abundance of Piscean energy this month a beautiful blessing. Pisces brings the beauty of fluidity and complex emotion, helping you tap into your imaginative wellsprings to see what’s stirring and perhaps ready to rise to the surface. You’re ripe for inspired creativity and the drive to bring it forth into the world as only you can.

February 3 – Mercury enters Pisces (until March 4): While Mercury’s in Pisces, get out your dream journal! You are the dreamer of your dreams and everything in your dreams is a symbol of you. Set a conscious intention to remember what arises in your sleep. This transit makes it easier to enter the unconscious realm and reveal its wisdom.   

February 7: Venus enters Aries (until March 4): Do you need more freedom to be and do you? With Venus in Aries, the Universe wants you to take it! Being you is your #1 job and only you can do it.  

February 8: Full Moon in Leo: Here comes the Leo Full Moon, inviting all of us to shine. People with the Moon in Leo are magnetic, creative, passionate, and generous. I also find most of them are musicians or performers at heart, even if they don’t show it. If you’ve been hiding your talents, take a little step to make them known. It helps us all have confidence to take that risk… and makes life much more fun!  

February 16: Mars enters Capricorn (until March 30): Mars in Capricorn is the Wise Warrior committed to great works. This energy does not tire easily and is in it for the long haul. Choose to use it well and there’s no mountain you can’t climb. 

February 16: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (enters Aquarius March 4 and turns direct March 9): We refer to planets as retrograde when they appear to move backward from Earth’s perspective. This illusion represents a time to redefine, reevaluate, rework, and reclaim. Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic do-over. If you want to try again – at a relationship, project, idea, conversation – you get another shot at it, if you want it 

February 18: Sun enters Pisces: Imagination is a great Pisces word and it changes us from the inside out… changes our world! We have so many Pisces to thank for their inspirational creative contributions – like Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Dr. Seuss, Fred Rogers, Rihanna, and Alexander McQueen just to name a few. Albert Einstein (also a Pisces) said it well: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

February 23: New Moon in Pisces: Most of us spend our days looking at life through a window obscured with old ideas, beliefs, and judgments. On one hand, this keeps us safe in what we think we know. But, it limits our view and potential and we miss out on the magic all around us. Join me under this New Moon to set an intention to see a little more clearly – to get out of your own way and just take in the view. 

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My Favorites for February:

Chakra: Sacral. The Sacral Chakra is your center of creative potential, pleasure, passion, and inspiration. It’s the natural energy of your sexy and sensual self. Everything you birth or bring into life comes through the Sacral Chakra. Orange is the color associated with the Sacral Chakra. This is the chakra to focus on if you’re feeling emotionally rigid, apathetic, creatively blocked, or closed off to intimacy. If you tend to be hypersexual or become emotionally attached too easily, your Sacral Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the female reproductive system, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine. 

Tarot: Strength VIII. The Strength card calls you to express your passion, instincts, and creativity. Renewed vitality and excitement for life awaits you when you follow your heart. Strength is Leo’s card, a powerful reminder to be true to yourself and have the courage to share your gifts with the world. This card is, in some Tarot circles, known as Lust, as in the lust for life, and an appetite for the experience of being totally alive. When your actions are fueled by genuine passion and vibrant emotion, you improve your quality of life. Your innate strength and enthusiasm create a greater acceptance of life, even when it gets tricky because you know you can handle whatever happens with resilience and optimism.

Spirit Animal: Sandpiper. Have you ever seen these shorebirds play on the beach? It’s delightful. They poke their beaks into the sand scouting for bits to eat, then dart away gleefully as the waves rise to meet them. Instead of flying away in frustration, they continue to engage in the game of looking for goodies before the water laps up once more. Their little “feet” seem to dance as they let the seafoam chase them back and forth. They’re like clowns, finding the fun and play where they can, even as they scavenge for food. Sandpipers understand that the journey has to be enjoyable, or the destination can lose a lot of its luster.

Gems: Carnelian, imperial topaz, orange calcite, shiva lingam, tangerine quartz

Oils: Ginger, blood orange, vanilla, cinnamon cassia, honeysuckle

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