Enlightenment under the Tibetan Full Moon

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Enlightenment under the Tibetan Full Moon

Imagine waking up in the middle of a forest – your pupils grow larger as your eyes adjust to the vibrancy of everything that surrounds you. Every sound, from the birds chirping to the bustling of the leaves to ants climbing the trees echo in your ears. The air smells of damp pine and your body feels weightless, but stable. Your hands vibrate with the energy of the Earth as you use them to push yourself up. A bliss of recognition sweeps through your soul as you stand in the midst of the legendary Lulang Forest. The long-narrow valley in the distance is lined with meadows and streams – this is the place they call The Fairyland Where Gods Live with Scenic Beauties. In this moment of awakening, you are able to recognize the Divine within you. You have found true happiness and a profound love for everything that exists within, as you stand in quiet reverence. Knowing you are just one tiny part of many, you manifest what you want out of life through gratitude and the power of boundless love. This state of awakening is known as Enlightenment.

After Buddha attained Enlightenment, he held a sermon that set the wheel of Dharma in motion. This day, one of the holiest festivals for Theravada Buddhists, is called Asalha Puja Day – also known as Dharma Day. The wheel of dharma consists of the four noble truths: life is suffering, the origin of suffering is craving, freedom begins when craving ends, and the eightfold path that brings dharma into your life. It is believed that aligning with your Dharma sets you on your sacred path that brings forth abundance, wisdom, health, and wealth.

Asalha Puja typically takes place in July, on the Full Moon of the sixth lunar month. Working with the Full Moon during sacred holidays magnifies the rewards of your intentions. Imagine having your own personal spotlight illuminating your spirit. The path to Enlightenment is filled with trails of material wealth, shed from those who arrived to the gates naked desiring for nothing they can’t find in themselves. Buddha left his life of luxury to find that which fulfilled him and found true Enlightenment in his soul. Celebrate the manifestations of your purest intentions, underneath this Full Moon.

This year, Asalha Puja Day falls on July 27 – the same day as our Full Moon celebration! I hope you will join me as I lead you on a guided meditation to your own sacred path. We will embark on a journey to Tibet’s legendary Lulang Forest where we will immerse ourselves in mindfulness and manifestation in celebration of Asalha Puja. This Full Moon is incredibly special as it is also a Lunar Eclipse (the longest total eclipse of the 21st century!).

The Full Moon combined with the eclipse allows you to see more clearly in the mirror of “other”. What you attract in your life often reflects versions of those very aspects in ourselves, whether or not you like them or take any responsibility in owning them. We gain deeper awareness of ourselves, our projects, and our relationships. Use the cosmic power of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to open your heart and mind to the sacred teachings of Buddha.

Are you ready to awaken? There will never be a better time than now. RSVP to attend our Tibetan Full Moon event online or in person!

To help you truly understand and harness the freedom that comes with Enlightenment, I have created a Tibetan Full Moon set! Allow this set to serve as your guide on the path of enlightenment, helping you get there quicker. Grab yours here.

Amen, A’ho, So it is,

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