Channeling Ancient Egypt and the Art of Sensual Massage

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Channeling Ancient Egypt and the Art of Sensual Massage

The room is darkened. Candlelight glow reveals fragrant smoke rising from a mound of incense smoldering on sizzling charcoal. You pour fragrant oil into your hands, and rub them together, warming the oil and speaking your sacred intention, “With honor and reverence, may this body be preserved, may this soul live eternally”. You place your hands first upon your beloved’s feet, rubbing the hydrating oil deeply into the skin. This is the beginning of a sacred Egyptian oil rite to preserve the immortality of your beloved. For in ancient Egypt, immortalizing the body ensured eternal life of the soul.

Caught up in day-to-day tasks and habitual mental loops, it’s so easy to let ourselves dry out, get drained, and wither away, both physically and energetically. When we’re worn out, it becomes difficult to give of ourselves freely, and to connect to others with vitality and compassion. We miss out on joy, beauty, and pleasure. The ancient Egyptians recognized that the eternal aspects of the soul could only be experienced if the body was preserved with the utmost care. This practice was equally true for both the living and the dead. Rites of preservation were practiced daily to maintain physical well-being, healthy relationships, and youthful vitality. Oil rites, in particular, were very important to the Egyptians. Daily oiling of the skin, hair, and digestive tract ensured health, beauty, and longevity. The ancient origins of aromatherapy can be traced back to Egypt as well, where oil was used in both diffusers and incense.

Couples massage, when practiced in love, heals the physical body, increases emotional intimacy, and communicates on a level much deeper than words. Laying your hands upon your lover with awareness, intention, and, with daily practice, will improve the quality of your health, your spiritual connection to one another, and your sex life. To deepen the magic of your massage, create your own massage oil and aromatherapy blend with ancient oils, infused with your own intentions. If you do not have access to ancient oils, you can craft your own special potion with what you have on hand. You are the real magic, and anything you create and offer from your heart, with the intention to heal, connect, and bring pleasure, will be absolutely and deliciously perfect.

Most of us have olive oil in the kitchen – and it easily extends beyond cooking, including into the bedroom. The base of all therapeutic massage oils is the carrier base. Olive oil was a precious and rare commodity in Egypt, reserved for the gods and elite alone. Olive oil is also very medicinal, making it an excellent choice as a base oil. Egyptians more commonly used flaxseed oil and safflower oil – what they had on hand. Both are inexpensive and effective carrier oils with anti-inflammatory properties. Safflower oil tends to spoil quickly, so make small batches and keep it out of the light. Coconut oil is another accessible, versatile oil with ancient roots. All of these oils can be used within and without – externally for massage, or as a cooking oil.

Add one, or a combination of essential oils to your massage oil base. Have fun and experiment with what feels and smells best to you. The use of essential oils is timeless, their effectiveness proven over centuries. Try blending these oils based on their properties, or simply because you love their aroma. You really can’t go wrong. However, without a carrier oil, please avoid direct contact with the skin. For calming blends and stress relief, try a blend of AroMagic lavender, frankincense, vetiver, or rose. To boost the immune-system, use essential oil of cinnamon bark, hyssop, or balsam fir extract. To stoke passion’s fire, explore essential oil of myrrh or opoponax, cedar wood, or spikenard. These oils can also be made into an aromatherapeutic blend, and used undiluted in a diffuser.

Using oils and fragrances with intention will not only stimulate your senses, it will resonate with your Spirit and ignite the fire inside you, and your partner. When you share this powerful experience with your loved one, you will connect with them on a deeper, more etheric level. Set some special time, and space, alone. Ignite your incense, and light your favorite candles. Pour your essential oils upon your diffuser, and invite your partner to lie down. Then lather your own hands with your intentionally crafted oil, and rub it between your hands until it warms. Close your eyes, acknowledge and feel your intention, and your love. Slowly, firmly, sensuously, rub the oil into their skin, into their body, and allow that energy into their heart – into their soul. And receive it for yourself. You’ll soon come to recognize an enhanced connection between the two of you – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Even if you don’t have a partner, it is important to nurture your soul and connect with yourself. Your own hands can heal your own body. With regular practice, True Love will be bound within your Divine body, for eternity.

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