Three Ways to Harness the Energy of the Supermoon

Full Moon Supermoon

Three Ways to Harness the Energy of the Supermoon

On Monday November 15, we will experience the power and energy of a Supermoon, a full moon closer to Earth than it has been in 68 years. The moon’s proximity to Earth on Monday means it will appear brighter, larger, and more beautiful. It will also offer us the most intense lunar energy many of us have ever worked with in our lifetimes.

This is serious.

How can you take advantage of this energy? Here are my three tips for harnessing and maximizing the energy of this spectacular lunar occasion.

  1. Work some money magic
    This Supermoon is in Taurus, the sign of financial prosperity and good business decisions. And November is one of two ‘money months’ in the calendar year when money magic is well aspected. The day of the month (14) is a ‘5’ day, the number of money and wealth. So one way to harness the energy of this day is to set a powerful intention for financial prosperity and well being. In my community, we are gathering online to work with the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and you can RSVP to join us here.
  2. Charge your crystals and tools
    Moonlight cleanses and activates crystals and minerals, and the light of the Supermoon because it’s more intense and potent will be especially strong and useful for this work. To charge your crystals, tools (and jewelry too) simply place them on a tray in a location outside where they will receive direct moonlight. Take them inside before the sun rises as some crystals fade when placed in direct sunlight. As you charge your items, set the intention that the full moon energy will enhance, activate, and empower them to guide, support, and teach you.
  3. Celebrate what’s full in your life
    Many people underestimate the importance of gratitude and celebrations of what you already have, but gratitude launches the cycle of abundance; in short you won’t receive more from the Universe until you are genuinely grateful for what you’ve already been given. So light a candle under this Supermoon, reflect on all that has come to pass for you this month, this year, and then say “thank you thank you thank you” out loud. You’ll be amazed at how much faster your intentions manifest when you begin from a place of deep gratitude.

Luna is coming close to us, shining brighter than ever, as a strong reminder of our own power and our own light. Shine without apology, dear one, and remember now and always that what is empty can become full again. It all begins with you. Aho, amen, so it is.

3 thoughts on “Three Ways to Harness the Energy of the Supermoon

  1. I’m a novice to all of this so I have a question. You said November is one of two money months: what’s the other one? Thanks!
    Also, thanks for the above article.

    1. Hello,

      May is the major money month. For the very best results do your money spell on May 5th at 5pm.

  2. I reside in North Carolina and on November 13th we where blessed with some rain showers. I collected about two litters of Super Moon Water and charged my gemstones and a new anointing oil I made on the night of the 14th.

    Normally, I try to have some friends over on the full moon’s but not this time. I had a very spiritual time alone with Mother Nature and the Moon. No ritual or spell work, just some good ole fashion alone time.

    I have found… that often it is times like this that can be more powerful then a 12 member ritual.

    ~Solanum Greenbriar~ (Order of the Greenbriar Druids)

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