Moon & Minoan Mystery – Shed your skin & open your wings

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Moon & Minoan Mystery – Shed your skin & open your wings

Minoan Snake and Butterfly Goddess – the path of transformation

Next month at Sage Goddess, we will explore the ancient civilization of Minoa. Our Full Moon event on March 30 is our initiation into this powerful matriarchy. Minoa was perhaps the first and primary society ruled by women. This mysterious civilization thrived on the island of Crete and other Aegean islands, preceding ancient Greece. The Snake Goddess is a vivid symbol of this culture and its connection with life force and primal energy. Snake has long been associated with healing, transition, and transformation. It is a bridge between worlds and carries profound spiritual wisdom. Snake sheds its skin as it grows. During its shedding, it is vulnerable, and its eyes cloud over for 3 to 4 days, but it re-emerges whole. The Snake Goddess of Minoa embodies the power of change, including spiritual and physical metamorphosis.

The Minoan Goddess in her butterfly form is represented by a labyris, a double axe with blades emerging like two wings. This mighty symbol of the goddess as a butterfly stands for transformation in all its stages, and celebrates rebirth inherent to the process. The butterfly’s cycle, from egg to caterpillar and chrysalis, into its delicate wings of endurance, mirrors our soul’s evolution, and the cycles of life. The labyris is a powerful Minoan symbol, akin to the cross of Christianity and crescent of Islam. Prior to the decline of this civilization, the labyris was never depicted in the hands of a man. It was frequently held by women – and woman represents the feminine – form – everything that changes.

It’s unclear why the Minoan period ended. Mystery beckons us forward, reminding us of our own mystery. Minoa reconnects us with our ability to transform, leaving only traces of evidence to what we once were. We, just as she, can change, appear, and disappear. As a descendent of Minoa, I am intimately connected with her symbols, which lead us to descend into the depths of the void, the center of ourselves, to come out renewed, enlightened, and whole. We all transform and shapeshift, becoming more of our true selves. Through periods of dissolving, as the caterpillar in the cocoon, we surrender our current form to alchemize in miraculous new ways. No part of us is lost, but the new version can look and feel drastically different. Just as we imagine it does for the butterfly emerging anew, on wings that will carry it across the sky, across the world.

Full Blue Moon in Libra – the light of knowledge and relationship

Luna, with her own ancient mystery, is another symbol of change from our earth-centric perspective. The Full Blue Moon approaches on March 31, the second and final of this year. The last time we had two Blue Moons in a year was 1999 (19 years ago), and it won’t happen again until 2037 (19 years from now). All kinds of meaning are assigned to this phenomenon. Perhaps we need to be reminded that cycles don’t always fit perfectly in the calendar we’ve created. We’re used to one full moon each month, so it seems like a wild thing when we have two. Perhaps we are being encouraged to look up into the actual sky and experience light and darkness as they are happening, letting any meaning arise if and as it does. For all of us with an affinity for the metaphysical, finding meaning in life is a passion, and a reason to wake up every morning. We embrace the mystery of the seen and unseen, especially with the moon’s cycle.

This Full Blue Moon will be in the sign of Libra, representing the light of awareness doubled down. Full moon phase on its own brings awareness through illumination and Libra is the sign of awareness through relationships, or what we perceive to be “other”. Full moon and Libra are opposition archetypes. They teach us about relationship – our relationship with what we manifest and create, with people in our lives, with our inner selves, and with life in general. In the mirror, we explore balance, projection, cooperation, interconnection, relevance, comparison. In owning ourselves in the reflection, we become available to finally see the other in her/his/its own right.

Libra in its highest expression is like two Aries dancing – two independent people who choose to come together, and are learning to love. They are not completing each other, they are forming a partnership. Every relationship is a creation of something new, beyond the creators. 1 + 1 = 3; a third entity. Who are you choosing to create with? In what ways are you learning to love through your close relationships? In the light of this magical full moon, feel and see how your partnerships have created new life and energy.

Sabian symbols were produced by a clairvoyant almost one hundred years ago. There is a symbol for each degree of the zodiac – symbolical astrology. The Sabian symbol for the upcoming Full Blue Moon in Libra: “A professor peering over his glasses at his students”. As a cardinal air sign, Libra initiates mental and social action. How do we find and use our wings? Sometimes a teacher comes forward, at just the right time. And she not only imparts knowledge, she shares her journey – her descent to the goddess within, her self-disintegration in the chrysalis, and her loss of sight in order to grow. She sees you as a human being, a person squirming in your own skin. She’s a few steps ahead – the light at the end of the tunnel. If she could do it, you can. Sometimes, we need to see to believe. When the teacher looks beyond her old perspective (glasses) to reach out in new ways, and the students are open to the past, and how it can serve the present and future, change is more than possible. It is happening.

I invite you to join me live in person or online for our Full Blue Moon event on March 30, as we celebrate under Luna’s illuminating light, receiving and sharing our blessings. Get your full moon tools ready! I carefully chose each item in my Minoan Full Moon: Metamorphosis Ritual Set to help you unfold your wings and begin the process of transforming, shapeshifting, and becoming more of your true self.

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