How to Make and Use Magical Moon Water

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How to Make and Use Magical Moon Water

Hundreds of years ago, before the invention of electricity, there were people who would leave the comfort of their homes, in all weather conditions, to dance ceremoniously under each full moon. The term “Lunatic” was invented for these free souls, who were most affected by the surge of energy Luna would permeate throughout their spirits. The energy of the full moon is not like any other, and any substance charged by the full moon carries highly energized healing and transformative energies for every intention.

I have found that one powerful way to harness this energy, is by charging water under the full moon. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Just as the moon affects the rhythmic waves of the ocean, our emotions and spirit are also greatly affected during the full phase of the moon – given the intimate connection between the moon and water.  

Making Moon Water:

1. Fill your glass vessel (or non-plastic container of your choice) with filtered water on the eve of the full moon. The vessel represents the container of spirit – as our body is the vessel for the soul. Vessels are symbolic of our capacity to measure and appreciate love, life, and truth. We all know what it means when we say our cup is full or overflowing. The vessel of your choice honors the sacred intentions of your spirit.

2. Surround your vessel with the herbs and gemstones of your choice. If you’re feeling drawn toward love, try dried rosebuds, cacao, and rose quartz. If you’re in need of protection, try black tourmaline and marjoram. Green aventurine and basil are great for prosperity and success. Chamomile and angelite bring peace and happiness. Sapphire and rosemary attract and embody wisdom.

3. Hold your vessel close to your heart, meditate, and breathe love and light into the water. You will know when it’s time to let go, leaving it to absorb the energies of the full moon. Whisper your gratitude into the water and walk away.

4. Allow your water to charge with the energies of the full moon overnight. Some people cover their vessel with a clear wrap for maximum absorption. Allow your intuition to guide you.

5. Gather your vessel the morning after charging, thanking Luna for her blessings. Writing or speaking your blessing aloud is a great way to invoke Luna’s magic. Here is an example:

As the full moon rises, so I rise.
I am awestruck by my divinity, my potential, my power
illuminated fully in Luna’s light.
Her great cycle is
the death and rebirth that empowers my ascension.
I am her and she is me. Across the lands where night has fallen, I am the light.
I have released the darkness – the fear, the grief, the worry – and opened my heart
to let beauty and bright fruition flow in
and to cast it back out, like a beacon from the Heavens.
Luna, I am thankful.
Amen, A’ho, So it is.

4 Ways to Use Moon Water:

1. Add Moon Water to your bath for intense relaxation and clarity.  

Fill your bathtub as you normally would, while pouring some water from your vessel into the mix. Start a cycle of pouring the combined water over yourself, wherever you feel needs clearing, letting anything that no longer serves you release from your energy field. When the water’s charge penetrates your being, its light boosts every intention you set into it, while promoting intense peace and relaxation. Wash your hair with the pure Moon Water to encourage thick, luscious growth and a goddess glow.

2. Dab Moon Water on your Third Eye Chakra for enhanced psychic awareness.

The first step in strengthening your abilities is to acknowledge their existence. Admitting the existence of your powers is the cornerstone to realizing their full potential. Trust your inner knowing, and listen to your intuition. Ground yourself deeply, and dab your Moon Water on your Third Eye Chakra to open your inner eye to divine wisdom and revelation. Find a place of peace within yourself and your surroundings, and feel your visions come to you with potent clarity. Keep a jar of Moon Water on your altar to enhance your rituals.

3. Anoint your money with Moon Water to invoke wealth.

Money is energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t. And what stops the flow is fear. When doing manifestation work, it’s important to have the vision and to be able to hold that vision for exactly what it is you want. Beyond that, you need the appropriate tools to magically and energetically summon that vision into existence. As you anoint your money with Moon Water, envision exactly what you want. Imagine possibility. Big infinite beautiful intoxicatingly amazing possibility. Get ready to receive the abundance of your manifestations!

4. Bless your gemstones with Moon Water to cleanse and increase their potency.  

Gemstones are powerful tools you can use to magnify and direct energy. It is important to remember that you are using gemstones to work with energy; the gemstone itself is not the energy, but a conductor, amplifier, generator, and director. Charging your gemstones involves setting your intention and purpose. When you charge them under the moon, they become infused with the deep Lunar magic of intuition, dreams, and mystery. Set your selected stones out to bathe under the full moon, next to your vessel of water. After you charge your Moon Water, allow the rest of your collection to bathe in it for 24 hours to purify and raise their vibrations.

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  1. Yessss this is such a wonderful practice! Ever since I started sharing some moon water with my fish, they are more bonded and connected with me, no longer run from my shadow. I realized how incrediblely important Luna is to them to. I will always be sure to put out a gallon just for them!

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