Gemini Full Moon – The Mirror is Your Friend

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Gemini Full Moon – The Mirror is Your Friend

Once again, as we have done since the earliest times, we will gather together, under a Gemini Full Moon, on December 3. I am deeply committed to consciously uniting with the Moon’s cycle. In many ways, Luna represents the cycles of human life and our interconnectedness. This is one of the reasons I hold Moon ritual here, at Sage Goddess, every month, twice now (once for New Moon and once for Full Moon), without fail. At New Moon, we set intentions for the lunar month ahead. Full Moon is the time for receiving the manifestation of our intentions and celebrating progress toward our goals. If you would like to join our FREE Full Moon ritual December 4, RSVP on our online and in-person event pages! I would *love* to see you there.


Why do we associate the Full Moon with crazy behavior? Scientists can prove that nothing is actually happening to us when the Moon is full – nothing to explain what we call the “lunar effect”. If we pause our tendency to believe the planets and luminaries are doing something to us, we can approach this in a new way. If our perception is our reality, let’s focus on our experience, whether or not it can be supported by empirical data. What does the Full Moon represent and reflect in us?

The phases of the Moon, as we observe them from Earth, are dependent upon the soli-lunar (Sun and Moon) phase, aspect, or angular relationship (with each other). The key here is relationship. When the Earth is between the Sun and Moon and the Sun and Moon oppose each other, we view the greatest portion of Moon possible. When we look at the Moon, we are seeing reflected sunlight. Distance and opposition create the best mirror. The Moon hasn’t changed, but we see more of her. The full phase of the Moon is associated with awareness – seeing things in the light, perhaps for the first time. I believe the lunacy we experience with the Full Moon is simply our reaction to new awareness.


Illumination can bring out both the best and worst in us, and it’s not always what we want shown – sometimes we want to keep our shadow in the shadows. Following this theory, the Full Moon (in opposition with the Sun), represents our collective and personal relationships with extremes, black and white, dark and light. It is the part of us that becomes aware there is an “other”, and we often project our shadow onto this “other”, making it part of them or their problem – we see it, but we aren’t ready to own it…yet.

In my recent blog, Resisting the Intentional Opposite, I discussed this concept at length. I often observe people wishing to become the “intentional opposite” of someone or something they resist. By consciously turning the wheel 180 degrees away from something you want to escape, you create a vibration of avoidance that prevents you from doing three very important things that are critical to your soul’s growth. These three essential tasks are: 1) Becoming who YOU are meant to be, 2) Learning from people and circumstances, and 3) Experiencing deep compassion, forgiveness, and allowance. This tug of war is inherent in the Full Moon (opposition with the Sun) – as an opposition is defined as a 180 degree angular relationship. Next time you find yourself saying “I want to be the opposite of that/him/her/them” turn that mirror on yourself and ask yourself, “What am I learning here? And why am I wanting to flee from it?”

Gifts of the Full Moon

The Full Moon brings objective awareness – we see beyond our own subjective perspective. True egalitarian relationships and partnerships become possible. It’s the magic of manifestation, completion and fruition – the results of our intentions and efforts in visible, tangible form. We’re invited to celebrate our realizations and outcomes, even if we don’t want or like them. In the light of awareness, we create new options and choices for utilizing the fruits of our labor, and become inspired with ideas for future intentions. Once we identify and acknowledge the “opposites” within and without us, we can begin a powerful integration, harmonizing relationships between the facets of ourselves and with others in the world.

What to Expect with this Gemini Full Moon

Do not be surprised if words and communications are emphasized and dramatized. Gemini is associated with the body mind, and how we reason and make sense of things. The domain of consciousness we call Gemini is very concerned with intelligence, information, and knowing. Under this Gemini Full Moon, we may find ourselves and others hypersensitized (Moon) to what we say, hear, and how we track it (Gemini). Translation (another great Gemini term) might come into the spotlight. If we’ve been too focused on the definition of words, we may be surprised to discover the meaning underneath the words is not what we thought.

If we are brave, and do not turn away from the mirror, we are supported in experiencing mental revelations, perhaps even finally understanding something for the first time. Gemini, The Twins, is always trying to reconcile and make sense of its darker, more emotional nature. More comfortable with its light side, and facts and logic, this integration is a journey. This Gemini Full Moon inspires all of us to see both sides, and to hold space for duality and paradox. Sometimes the greatest wisdom is in comprehending the fact that making sense of something, or labeling/categorizing something, does not always “solve the problem”. Sometimes, there is no problem to solve.

May your mind be curious and flexible, open to receive
Let your tension serve as balance, releasing you from struggle
In the light of awareness, accept the challenge of looking in the mirror
Holding deeper love and compassion for yourself
Aho, Amen, So it is.

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