How to work with your crystals – Basic shapes 101

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How to work with your crystals – Basic shapes 101

Greetings to you, crystal lover! So many of you have asked how to work with different types of quartz crystals with unique facets, shapes, and markings. This blog post is the first in a series from Sage Goddess teaching you about what I think are the most important shapes you can work with as crystal healers or metaphysical practitioners: Generators, spheres, double-terminated wands, and palm stones. For each stone type we give direction about how to work with that type in clear quartz form; keep in mind that when working with a crystal shape using a different kind of gem or mineral the process may be slightly different as the metaphysical properties are different. Quartz is the highest vibrational mineral on the planet, and helps to raise vibrations and transmute energy anywhere there has been illness, sadness, or confusion. At SG, we love quartz! If you’d like to see what kind of quartz products we have in stock on our site you can CLICK HERE to learn more and then you might also consider joining Gem Wise, my online class on minerals, gemology, geology, history, physics, metaphysics, and magic where we talk about the science of crystal structure and how specific structures impact and highlight the magic of each kind mineral on Earth. This class is ideal for beginners and advanced students as well! Register here:


Generators are single-terminated wands (meaning they have a flat bottom on one end) with a point directing energies of the crystal sky-ward. We use generators and single-terminated crystals to create vortexes. As the energy gathers at the base, it is directed toward the tip, heads sky-ward, and then is channeled back down toward the bottom of the crystal. This movement creates a circle of energy that loops in on itself, creating a vortex of energy that can be channeled and directed toward a specific purpose. Generators can be placed on any sacred flat surface to hold, raise, and direct energies of healing or any other metaphysical purpose. Quartz generators hold, raise, and magnify all energies.


Spheres are incredibly important spiritual tools because they radiate the energy of the stone they are made from around the entire 360 degrees – above, below, to the four cardinal directions, to Earth and Spirit. A generator raises a linear stream of energy that is powerful when moving from one direction to another – say, for example, from healer to the client. But a sphere creates a flow of energy throughout an entire space. So if you’re trying to raise the vibes in your home, you need a sphere. If you’re raising love energy in your home, you need a sphere of Rose Quartz. If you’re trying to raise protection energies, you need a sphere of Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, or Shungite. Place on a stand for safety so your beautiful sphere doesn’t roll away ☺.


WANDS are my favorite magical toy! I couldn’t be without them! Double-terminated wands have points on both ends, and so they are channeling tools, sending and receiving energy from you to another, from Source to you, from you to Source, from you to Gaia, Gaia to you, from your ancestors to you, from you to your ancestors, and on and on. You can imagine the possibilities! To use, imagine filling the length of your quartz wand with a bright white light that captures the essence and magic of Source and your line of ancestors, maternal and paternal, as well as their gifts and their love for you. Pure, beautiful energies that will nourish you. Then, imagine directing that energy from you to the Earth, healing her on every level across every frequency. Next, imagine directing that energy from you to Source, expressing deep gratitude for the gifts you have been given. Make sure you take a moment to receive all those incredible energies too.


Palm Stones are convenient magic – small enough to fit in your palm and be carried anywhere, and yet potent enough to hold all of the metaphysical and magical properties of the stone you are working with. However, I have a special use for palm stones (or worry stones – same thing, just with an indentation in the center) in my practice that you may not have heard of before! I use palm stones like bars of soap, and I imagine ‘rubbing’ or lathering the energy of the stone onto my body, in an upward motion to bring the energy closer to my energy field, or downward away from my body, removing energies or toxins in my field. The only difference is the motion and my intention. Try it! Hold your palm stone in your right or receiving hand, and imagine moving the palm stone up toward your heart to call in the energy of magnification and expansion, or imagine moving the palm stone down toward your feet to send the energies away from you, down into the Center of the Earth where they can be held, transformed, and transmuted into usable frequencies. Obsidian palm stones can be used to clear and repair holes in the aura by rubbing a palm stone made of Obsidian away from your heart, toward the bottom of your feet.

I hope these tips for how to use some of your favorite crystal shapes will help you connect more deeply to your crystals and expand your collection with intention. Amen, Aho, So It Is!

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  1. Wonderful thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have always been drawn to crystals and have been blessed to connect and truly feel their energy; however I know very little about them and have only just recently felt the desire and deep need to know about them intimately as well as to understand how I can work with them. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Thank you x

  2. I have a question about my crystal quartz. I’ve been working with it for a couple years. It’s small and was clear when I first began my journey with it. It’s extremely powerful and effective! But I’ve notice over time it is no longer clear. It has hairline strations going in many directions. It had brown spots in a few places. What would cause it to do that? I’ve been fascinated with its metamorphosis change and would love to get some input if this is common? What it means?

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