What to Do When Crystals Break

Crystals What to Do When Crystals Break

What to Do When Crystals Break

Crystals break for various reasons. Sometimes we’re complete with the lessons those gems bring. Other times, they’re complete with the work they’re meant to do with us. And other times, they’ve absorbed the toxicity around us and can no longer hold it. Whatever the reason, know that your gemstone is a trustworthy ally and companion on your journey to healing, manifestation, growth, and ascension. I wrote this blog, What to Do When Crystals Break because I’ve received many questions about why gemstones spontaneously break and what you can do if it happens to you.

Why do crystals break?

Breaks don’t always occur from being dropped or knocked over. I’ve heard stories of crystals spontaneously falling apart during meditation, ritual, or energy healing work. There are many reasons a crystal might break and it may have nothing to do with you.

5 reasons a crystal might break:

1) Negativity and toxicity in the environment. Gemstones work to bring alignment and balance to our lives. They absorb the negativity and toxicity around us, and sometimes it’s too much to hold, causing a break.

2) Crystal healing. If your crystal breaks or shatters while doing energy work, it’s best to discontinue working with it for healing. It’s served its purpose and has absorbed all the energy it can.

3) Unaligned crystal frequency. Gemstones carry their own unique vibration. There are times when our frequency simply doesn’t resonate with a crystal’s particular energy. There are no mistakes and you’re simply being guided to a more aligned stone.

4) Your lesson is complete. Often we work with crystals on specific intentions to guide us through the seasons of our life. When we alchemize the lessons we’re meant to learn, it can be a sign that we’ve integrated them and it’s time to release with gratitude and move on. 

5) Your crystal is overworked. We all have a crystal we enjoy working with most and it’s possible to overcharge or overwork your gemstone. It’s important to give your crystal a break just as you would your muscles after a rigorous workout. Are you giving your stone too much power? Are you relying on it to do the work for you? Is the intention you set for your crystal in alignment with your highest good?

What do you do if your crystal breaks?

When a crystal in our collection breaks, we may feel sad or upset, and that’s perfectly normal, after all, it’s been a part of our journey.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Take some time to sit with your crystal and acknowledge and appreciate all that it’s done with and for you. 
  • Bury the fragments in your favorite flower bed. 
  • If you don’t want to part with your favorite crystal, smudge it with white sage or place it outside in the light of day to recharge it. 
  • If you got a clean break, perhaps it’s a sign that you’re meant to share it with a friend or loved one who could also benefit from that stone’s vibrations.
  • Add the broken pieces to a crafting set, which you can use to decorate a wand, or even in a crystal grid. 

Whatever you choose to do with your broken crystal, it can still bring you the same joy it did when it was whole. Stones, like humans, can become ‘tired’ if you work with them too much. Pay attention to yours, clean them, and recharge them as necessary. When you cherish your relationship with your crystal and acknowledge the work you both do together, nothing’s broken.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, this morning’s I had a Crystal break that was in my purse and I was so sad. This article popped up for me just out of the blue and soothed my heart. Thank you♥️Kari

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