Wearing Crystal Jewelry: The Medicine of Sacred Adornment

Crystals Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Wearing Crystal Jewelry: The Medicine of Sacred Adornment

I believe in the medicine of sacred adornment – in the process of choosing each piece of crystal jewelry with care and intention. There’s great significance in the gems we select, why, and on which day. When we wear jewelry, we invoke the elements and metaphysical energies of the stones we choose. Crystal adornment tells the stories of where we’ve been, what we’ve embraced, and where we are at the moment. In this blog, Wearing Crystal Jewelry: The Medicine of Sacred Adornment, I’ll share ways to harness the medicine of gemstone jewelry, how to choose your pieces, and how to keep them cleansed. Wearing crystal jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a way to express who you are – your dreams, intentions, and what you’re working to heal.

How the Medicine of Crystal Jewelry Works

Besides looking gorgeous, wearing gemstone jewelry is one of the best ways to activate and align your chakras. Your body absorbs the crystal medicine as you go about your day or night. Whichever crystal you decide to wear, choose it with intention, and be sure the stones are bound in a setting that enables them to touch your skin. Crystal jewelry made with high vibe stones, like clear quartz, should be balanced with stones of softer vibrations, like rose quartz or tourmaline, to ease the flow of energy.

My crystal jewelry is my ally during trying or stressful moments. When I pause to hold my magician’s pendant or touch one of my gemstone bracelets, I receive the exact energies of my intention.

Choosing Your Sacred Adornment

Jewelry for us priestesses, energy workers, and goddesses is not simply a matter of accessorizing. You’re raising your energetic vibration with intention and care. That’s the difference between accessorization and choosing sacred crystal jewelry. The pieces we choose are beautiful, but beyond their beauty, they carry meaning and energy.

I choose my jewelry with care when I’m working the magic of sacred adornment. I’m intentional about which gemstone necklaces are near my Throat and Heart Chakras and which hang longer, closer to my Solar Plexus – the seat of power and authority. Another important consideration is which crystals are on my fingers, especially my dominant hand, my hand of power in the world. Maximizing my relationship with each gemstone allows me to harness its vibrations effectively.

5 Ways to Choose Which Gems to Wear Each Day

  1. Change your crystal jewelry each day if you feel called to do so.  
  2. Choose the stones you wear based on your intention for the day.
  3. Allow your intuition to guide you in selecting your gemstone pieces, and stay present to any insights they bring as you go through the day.
  4. Align your accessories with the current work you’re doing. For example, if you need a boost of creativity for a project you’re managing, choose gems that activate your Sacral Chakra.
  5. What medicine do you need in this moment? Select a piece that will uplift and bring you the healing you desire.

How to Clear and Charge Your Crystal Jewelry

Like any energetic or metaphysical tool, you should clear your jewelry as well. The stones you choose to wear out in the world may need to be cleansed and charged more often as they absorb and ward off negative energies.

4 Ways to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal Jewelry

  • Smudging: Run your crystal jewelry through sage smoke. Begin with the front/top and then run the back/base through as you visualize its energy clearing.
  • Black Kyanite: This is the only gem that can clear others! Place your crystal jewelry on or near a spear of black kyanite overnight.
  • Clearing Oils: Anoint your jewelry first counterclockwise, as you visualize it clearing, and then clockwise as you charge it with intention. Just be sure you don’t use oils on stones like selenite, amber, or any highly porous gems that dissolve in liquid. I recommend using palo santo or sage mist.  
  • Clear and Charge in the Full Moon Light: Leave your pieces out to clear and charge under the full moon. Our crystal jewelry is always working to support us and needs a recharge just like we do.

Remember, there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to wear gemstones. Like anything, a little intention goes a long way. May your crystal jewelry bring you beauty, healing, and joy and serve as sacred medicine on your spiritual journey. And so it is.

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