Crystal Guide for Spirit Animals


Crystal Guide for Spirit Animals

As the Manataka say, “You do not choose a spirit animal as your personal spirit guide. The spirit chooses you, and they decide to whom they will reveal themselves and make their friend.”

Native American cultures have long revered animals as the teachers and keepers of the natural world; they are viewed as sacred and divine guides that appear in our lives to teach us what we need to know. The belief that we hold sway over our animal counterparts is pure vanity and ego. Native Americans honor animals as emotional and intelligent beings, who can still connect with one another on the level of collective consciousness – something humanity was once able to do, but has forgotten over the years.

And more importantly, did you know that spirit animals have corresponding gemstones? It’s true. Everything is energy. Or to be more specific, everything has a corresponding vibration. And like vibrations can complement each other for various intentions. Much like certain vibrations are associated with individual elements or directions, the same can be said for the connections that exist between gemstones and our animal allies.

I have created a crystal guide for spirit animals below to help you understand the connection between various animals and their corresponding gemstones. Pay very close attention when certain animals and gemstones seem to come up constantly in your life. These are special moments which should not be taken lightly. Our guides often share important messages with us regarding our life path through animals and gemstones. Will you know how to interpret those messages when they come?

Animals Message Stones
Alligator Duality and balance of doing and observing; wisdom Skeletal Quartz
Ant Industry, community, persistence Dumortierite, Ametrine
Armadillo How to use defenses, getting to the root of things Black Tourmaline
Badger Persistent in pursuits, strong will, grounding Red amethyst
Barnacle Tenacity, obstacle Paua Shell
Bat Initiation, rebirth, changes, awareness Fire Agate, Peacock Ore
Bear Strength, caution, Earth power, solitude, quiet, rest Howlite
Beaver Industry, teamwork, protection, believe in dreams Bismuth
Bee Productivity, sweetness of life, family, community Vanadinite
Beetle Resurrection, rebirth, strength, recycling/purification Covellite
Boar Leadership, spiritual strength, prosperity Mahogany Obsidian
Buffalo Abundance, community, endurance, grounding Turquoise
Butterfly Transformation, joy in change Rainbow Labradorite, Pink Opal
Cat Magic, independence, spirit of adventure, courage Carnelian
Caterpillar Pure potential, patience, preparation, renewal Blue Aventurine
Centaur (Horse & Human) Virility, courage, intelligence Amegreen
Chimera (Lion, Goat & Snake) Bridging cycles, voracious, mysterious Picasso Jasper, Carnelian
Clam Digging deep for answers, symbiosis Coral, Rainbow Obsidian
Cockroach Survival, adaptability Black Tourmaline
Conch Spiritual calling Paua, Pink Tourmaline
Cow Community, contentment Zebra Jasper, Dravite
Crab Intensity, emotional release Ruby
Crayfish Moving forward in spite of fear Sodalite
Cricket Intuition, communication Amazonite, Quartz
Crow Communication, alchemy, intelligence Emerald, Onyx
Deer Gentle, alert, ability to listen Sapphire, Hawk’s Eye
Dog Loyalty, friendship, protection Hematite
Dolphin Rhythm, freedom Aquamarine
Donkey Patience, humility Red Jasper
Dragon Treasure, expansion Selenite, Fluorite
Dragonfly Joy, levity, emotions, connections with nature spirits Opal, Copper
Eagle Confidence, dignity, power, longevity, shamanic work Turquoise, Mahogany Obsidian
Eel Creative life force Carnelian, Fire Agate
Elephant Family, memory Kunzite
Falcon Clarity, growth, guidance, omens, power, morality Tiger’s Eye, Opal
Firefly Illumination, wonder Moonstone, Pietersite
Fly Responsiveness, prosperity Yellow Fluorite
Fox Cunning, ingenuity, patience Super 7
Frog Transformation, adaptation Amethyst, Alexandrite
Goat Agility, independence Turquoise
Goldfish New opportunities Labradorite
Gorilla Gentle strength, nobility Lazulite
Grasshopper Leap of faith Diamond, Pyrite
Groundhog Tenacity, boundaries Atlantisite
Gryphon (Lion & Eagle) Valor, enlightenment Tangerine Quartz
Harpy (Bird & Human) Boundaries, consequence Nephrite Jade, Eliat Stone
Hawk Focus, clear vision, connection with spirit Fluorite, Herkimer Diamond
Hedgehog Protection, lightness, wonder Obsidian, Lava Stone
Hermit Crab Freedom, mobility Ammonite
Hippogriff (Gryphon & Horse) Nobility Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire
Hippopotamus Intuition, protection of young Aquamarine, Aqua Aura Quartz
Horse Travel, power, stamina Crazy Lace Agate, Peridot
Hummingbird Enjoyment of life, presence, playfulness, swiftness Pietersite, Stitchtite
Hydra Conquest, challenge Orpiment
Jaguar Tenacity, psychic vision Rutilated Quartz
Jellyfish Acceptance, faith Rosasite, Rhodonite
Koi Peach, prosperity Fuchsite
Kraken Unconscious fears Rose Quartz
Ladybug Manifestation, protection Arfvedsonite
Leech Detoxifying, trust hidden processes Hypersthene, Amethyst
Leopard Inner instincts, overcoming past Red & Blue Aventurine
Lion Leadership, nobility, power Sunstone, Charoite
Lobster Ability to transcend Tibetan Quartz
Manatee Gentle, loving, childlike Rose Quartz, Kunzite
Manta Ray Taking it slow, Knowing differences Actinolite, Amphibole Quartz
Minotaur (Bull & Human) Confusion, feeling trapped Spessartite Garnet
Mole Grounding, introspection Star Ruby
Monkey Trickster, integrating dark Topaz, Basalt
Moose Appropriate revelation, the sacred Dioptase
Mosquito Energy depletion, sacrifice Eudialyte, Epidote
Moth Sensitivity, awareness Mookaite Jasper, Septarian
Mouse Stealth, attention to detail Galena, Faden Quartz
Octopus Skilled in many things, evasion Iolite
Peacock Abundance, beauty, confidence, divination, rebirth Peridot, Iolite, Azurite
Possum Knowing when to fight or rest Phenacite
Orca Grace, strength, freedom Ajoite
Otter Playfulness, curiosity, creativity Creedite, Fluorite
Owl Hidden truth, clairvoyance, wisdom, astral travel Obsidian
Panda Gentle strength, peace, stop multi-tasking Aragonite
Panther Ferocity, valor Carnelian
Pegasus (Horse & Bird) Inspiration, creativity Sunstone, Blue Lace Agate
Phoenix Rebirth Danburite
Pig Resourcefulness, fearlessness Sodalite, Idocrase
Platypus Value of uniqueness, belief in improbable Tektite
Polar Bear Endurance, solitude Sugilite
Porcupine Innocence, wonder, trust Tektite
Porpoise Good fortune Citrine, Jade
Prairie Dog Community, caretaker Chalcopyrite
Rabbit Movement, fertility Bloodstone, Coral
Raccoon Disguise, protection, dexterity Obsidian, Gypsum
Ram Agility, strength, safety Feldspar, Petrified Wood
Rat Social, survival Howlite, Zoisite
Raven Clarity, death/rebirth, prophecy, ancestral wisdom Nguni Jasper, Labradorite
Salmon Wisdom, persistence Malachite
Satyr (Goat & Human) Sensuality, earthiness Diamond
Scorpion Vigilance, intensity Moldavite
Sea Dragon Wonder, magic Dragon’s Stone, Moonstone
Seahorse Patience, grace, balance Sodalite
Seal Play, imagination Lepidolite, Ocean Jasper
Shark Survival, reactive response Rubellite, Peacock Ore
Sheep Confidence, peace, community Howlite
Skunk Respect, steadiness, peace Blue Chalcedony
Snake Healing, transformation, connection to primal energy Snakeskin Agate
Sphinx (Lion, Bird & Human) Knowledge, vigilance Garnet, Lapis Lazuli
Spider Creativity, connection, centered Hypersthene
Squirrel Activity, preparedness Tree Agate, Snakeskin Agate
Starfish Regeneration Botswana Agate
Thunderbird Messenger Rainforest Jasper
Tiger Power, tact, adventure Tiger’s Eye
Turtle Grounding, patience, determination, wisdom, flow Blue/Blue-Green Jade
Unicorn Purity, realizing dreams Opal Aura Quartz
Walrus Individual, fierce mask Red Amethyst
Wasp Construction, taking a stand Amethyst
Weasel Sly, stealthy, instincts Indigo Agate, Labradorite
Whale Creativity, listening to own song Petrified Wood, Ocean Jasper
Wolf Community, strength, freedom, guardian, full moon Ammonite, Pyrite, Kambaba Jasper
Wyvern Protective, barriers Tourmaline
Zebra Seeing in black and white, balance, understanding Zebra Jasper, Onyx

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  2. The chart here is a little hard to follow because they don’t line up correctly. Is there anyway to fix that formatting. This information is so helpful and a wonderful reference I just don’t know if I am using it right.

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