Simple Ritual: Chakra Altar creation & meditation


Simple Ritual: Chakra Altar creation & meditation

I believe in the creation of sacred space as a core part of magical practice. But I also believe in not over-thinking it, going with your intuition, and making mini altars around your home for specific purposes (abundance, for example, health, intimacy and connection, and like this one for chakra alignment).

Chakras are the energy centers in your body that run vertically from the top of your head (crown) to the base of your spine (root) and govern specific aspects of your life and well being. Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 chakras and their meanings:

CROWN (top of head, color purple): Spiritual connection and divine wisdom
THIRD EYE (between brows, color indigo): Intuition and inner knowing
THROAT (at center of throat, color light blue): Speaking your truth, integrity of communication
HEART (at the heart, color mint green): Love, emotional connection
SOLAR PLEXUS (above navel, color golden yellow): Power, control, authority
SACRAL (at womb, color orange): Creativity, procreativity, sex
ROOT (at tail of spine, color red): Safety, protection, connection to Earth

Having these chakras well balanced, aligned, and healthy is very important. When our chakras are unbalanced or unattended, we feel out of order in one or more of the above areas. To bring a chakra into alignment you can do specific work on that chakra or, like you see in the image, you can create a chakra alignment grid on your altar to balance and align all 7.

To create, first choose a candle centerpiece. Place at least two stones of each of the 7 colors around the candle (you can also use my chakra alignment gemstone set), and at the outer corners, place clear quartz points or generators to raise the energies of the stones. Then, light your candle, come into present time, take 3 deep cleansing breaths, and visualize your body coming into straight and right alignment. Really imagine your connection to Spirit, your inner knowing, your honest truth, your emotions, your power, your creations, your safety and connection to Earth. As you focus on each chakra, send healing light to that space (imagine it turning green and warm if that helps).

When all of your chakras feel attended, aligned, and held, you can open your eyes.

May you feel deep blessings of alignment and wholeness as we enter the fullness of Spring! So it is.

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  1. I never heard of an altar for chakras. Thank you. I’m excited to make one now. Bless you for your knowledge and just for being that beautiful soul you are

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