Sharing my journey North with you

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Sharing my journey North with you

I’m a southern California girl, born in Orange County and raised just outside of Los Angeles for most of my life. In 2011, my husband’s job in tech security prompted a relocation to the North, where we now reside, just outside of San Francisco. I’ve studied magic since I was a teenager, and always had a deep and profound relationship with the four directions, especially as they present in the Native American medicine wheel. In that tradition, the North represents wisdom, the element of Earth, our wise elders, and a grounding energy that brings us into present time. Moving north had a profound impact on my spiritual journey – a deepening, a widening, a shifting in ways I could not have anticipated.

A very long story of transformation is made short in this set of items I’ve crafted for you. The year ahead will bring all four directions in ritual tools and products so that you can hold and honor the directions in your sacred spaces. But I began in the North because it’s where I am. All good art reflects the artist’s journey and these products literally capture my essence and being. I worked with local artisans and perfumers to gather fir balsam and local redwood absolute – the resins and sap from my local forests, which I then boiled and cooked and combined in a slow process with pine essential oil from the pacific northwest, fir balsam oil from Washington State, and Juniper oil from the central California coast. Each oil combined, blessed, charged at the full moon. Bottled with petrified wood and green stones – aventurine, bloodstone, ancient jade. When I craft sacred tools I go all in, pouring myself into the bottle too. Perhaps that’s why customers say my items ‘feel different.’ I show up mind, body, and spirit to the crafting process which becomes for me a sacred meditation, a journey and visionquest.

What you see here – the North candle, the North perfume, and the North bath blend – is my journey captured, made manifest in sacred offerings. I hope you will enjoy sharing in my North, savoring the experience of what it feels like to stand in ancient redwood forests as the tree people whisper secrets to you from their lofty limbs. You can hear a pin drop in those forests, moss blanketing the dusty winding paths. The only movement is the dance of the occasional stag of shifting of tiny woodland creatures. And, of course, the Fae. They live there too, my northern companions in magical work.

And so it is. Blessings of the North to you as we welcome the blustery winds signaling the rise of the sacred season of Winter just beyond the horizon. May these items bless you and those to whom you gift them this holiday season.

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  1. I had a bath with the North salts the other night, and you’ve nailed that northwest scent. This New Englander girl spent some time in Yosemite/SF this summer among the sequoias and redwoods, and the experience you describe and the scent itself is spot on. It took me back to Muir Woods and the fragrant dampness and green.

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