Working With A Total Lunar Eclipse


Working With A Total Lunar Eclipse

What You Need to Know About Eclipse Energy and Manifestation

We have returned to the blessed time when the sun and the moon align and send waves of their dual union into the Universe. What is this magic I speak of? The lunar eclipse!

The coming lunar eclipse occurs during the full moon phase of the cycle, the time of the month to rest your spirit and recover from the work you’ve done to manifest your new moon intentions. It’s the phase when we are offered a window to practice radical self-care. We turn our gaze inward, release what no longer serves us, and express our gratitude to Source for the lessons and gifts that were manifested during the last cycle.

Astronomically, a lunar eclipse is a rare event when the Earth is in direct alignment between the sun and the moon. Happening only a few times a year, the Earth passes over the sun, temporarily obscuring the moon’s exposure to its rays and creating a mesmerizing silhouette in the sky. There are two types of lunar eclipses: Total eclipses and partial eclipses. In a total eclipse, the moon is closer to the Earth, and completely blocks our view of the sun. A partial eclipse occurs when the moon is farther from Earth, and its distant figure appears contained within the sun’s image, casting a radiant solar ring around its silhouette. This week’s eclipse is in the total, full moon state.

In the traditions of moon magic, a lunar eclipse in an intensely transformative time in the calendar. A powerful burst of energy is born from the sun and moon’s combining duality. When the sun’s bold, active life-force meets the moon’s dark, mysterious introspection, we experience a spiritual realignment of our conscious and subconscious. The parts of ourselves kept in the shadows are magnetically drawn out to begin a new cycle of life aligned with the truth of our whole and present selves. If you’ve been in denial or keeping secrets, truth will have a way of exposing itself. Take care to live openly, speak honestly and be clear and patient in your communication during this time.

All lunar eclipses bring with them an energy of change. There are tangible shifts being manifested in our outer world, and this collective vibration of creation inspires us to take action in our individual lives. You may feel called to complete a project, announce big news, finally commit to someone you’ve been involved with, or find within yourself the extra push you need to come clean about something on your conscience. Alternatively, this energetic intensity may leave you feeling anxious or with a mounting sense of pressure over your present and future responsibilities. It’s okay if you resonate with this, just honor how you feel and let the dust settle.

This particular eclipse is at 4 degree Aries, bringing with it an energy of challenging standards and breaking down rigid confines in our life. With Aries chomping at the bit you may want to abruptly release something (or someone) who is not in harmony with the direction your life is taking. I ask you to wait before taking action. Be still and allow your spirit to be recalibrated during the 24 hours of the eclipse. Meditate with an eclipse stone to balance the dueling energies. As the moon and the sun meet in union, so too can your soul unite with your body. This eclipse is a powerful occurrence that prepares us for our life’s work and the challenges that lay ahead. Your patience will be rewarded.

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