Why Venus Retrograde matters to you


Why Venus Retrograde matters to you

Just when we thought we were done with retrograde energies (ha!) the Universe has another trick up its sleeve: Venus retrogrades July 25 and won’t go direct until September 6. What does that mean for you? A lot. I’ll try to be brief and interesting about it. And keep in mind, some of what it means depends on your sun sign. If you’re a Leo or if your sign is ruled by Venus (Libra or Taurus, that means you) having Venus’ energies of love and beauty turn away from a direct path is the energetic equivalent of taking off all your makeup and posing for photographs. For some, this would be an easy task; for others, this would be terrifying. Only you know how the turn of the love goddess will feel for you.

Venus rules all matters of love and beauty, and more than beauty – the aesthetic. The ‘look and feel’ of life. Just like Mercury retro can mean communication mishaps are inevitable, so too can Venus retro mean that love and beauty mishaps are ahead. Anything related to love and aesthetics in your life is bound to slow down and become either difficult or deeply reflective over the next few months. In Leo, Venus is more dramatic than when she sits in any other sign.

I expect Venus retro in Leo will mean dramatic reflection and contemplation about the past for you in matters of love and beauty. Who you used to love, how you used to look, and a deep longing to go back and heal issues of love and appearance from your past. This is an excellent time to let go of old habits, old ways of seeing yourself and (once and for all) old loves that if you’re really honest even you will admit are better left far, far behind you.

You might hear from one of those old lovers. Just remind yourself, this is Venus retro. And it might feel steamy and passionate. Again, it’s Venus retro. In Leo. Which means all of the steam and all of the passion, but in a backward form. In hindsight. Don’t get swept up in a love affair that literally isn’t going anywhere.

May the effects of this turning of the love goddess be brilliant for you! May it remind you that your best days of love and beauty are ahead of you, not in the past. So it is.

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  1. Libra here – I will be very alert !!
    Thank you,,,, for your constant love and concern.

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