What you need to know about lunar and solar eclipse energy

Astrology Eclipse energy

What you need to know about lunar and solar eclipse energy

Have you been feeling the stress and strain and hidden messages of the upcoming lunar or solar eclipse energy?

Empaths start feeling the effects weeks in advance of an eclipse; we sense the energies are off, indirect, difficult to read even for a seasoned intuitive.

I like to say that working with this energy is like reading reversed tarot cards. You can’t develop a clear narrative; you just know that the messages aren’t direct. Proceed with caution.

Remember that eclipses are bookends that signal completion of a cycle, endings and beginnings, and they always (always, always) reveal something that has been hidden – either something hidden from you or something you’ve been hiding. That’s the wildcard of eclipse energy. You are likely to either blindside someone or be blindsided yourself.

How can we work effectively with the eclipse energy?

More generally, try to live your life out in the open and in a place of truth so that eclipses can’t pull the rug out from under you. People keeping secrets are the ones most harshly affected by eclipses. Specifically, be gentle with yourself and others the week before and the week after each event. Know that people are likely to be on edge and uneasy – especially muggles who perceive something’s off but can’t put their finger on it (and might project their intuition onto you).

My advice is not to work magic at the eclipse. I don’t charge my stones under the full moon during an eclipse (do you really want your tools to absorb backward energy?). Ride the wave, know it will pass, and try not to be surprised by events as they unfold. Some find working with this Eclipse Candle helpful as they navigate the instability of this phase. Above all, like during retrograde, remember to just breathe!

May this eclipse reveal something that serves you. And so it is.

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8 thoughts on “What you need to know about lunar and solar eclipse energy

  1. Oh Sage Goddess, your use of the word “muggles” makes me love you even more. Xoxo

  2. I’m a born empath and usually I’m a dark person main reason I feel what others feel (it’s not a nice world). But for the last week or so I’ve been in a good mood and I can’t help it. Even when something bad happens I keep on smiling. Extremely out of character for me. So if I read correctly that empaths are out of wack. But what does mine fall into??

    BTW…. I ordered my first crystal ever from you and got the email it shipped to I’m so excited. I’ve never used crystals before. I do card readings ( don’t need the cards but people seem to enjoy them). Thank you for your time.

  3. So I made a honey jar earlier this week (Wednesday) to sweeten someone to me. Was this bad timing? Could it have the opposite effect?

  4. I love that you used the word ” muggles” . This has been so helpful to me. I am a empath and lately I’ve been feeling a tug to start my own business. The tug has been even stronger the last two weeks. As I’ve begun doing the ground work , my besties keeps telling me to go slow & take little steps. Which normally would be wonderful advice. However lately I am constantly feeling the tug and often find myself doing research without thinking about it.
    After reading this I realize it might just be that it’s the right time for me. Thank you SG/ Athena!! Your wisdom has honestly helped me in my journey!!!

  5. Sometimes when things just don’t seem right and then read a post like this, things FINALLY make sense! Thanks, Sage Goddess for all the wisdom and insight you give!

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