Venus Retrograde in Aries: What to Expect

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Venus Retrograde in Aries: What to Expect

Oh sensual Venus, are you going retrograde on me too? The answer, my dear ones, is yes. Let’s say hello to Venus Retrograde.

Did you cringe a little? Be honest. It’s ok, you can tell me. Or did you smile? If you did, your sneaky little smirk means you know exactly what’s coming. Many of you may be familiar with Mercury Retrograde and the chaos it can bring, but how many of you are ready for Venus?

Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde are not the same. Both represent a planetary illusion moving in reverse across the nighttime sky, yet Mercury and Venus are different in which aspects of your life they will affect. You may rightfully feel a sense of despair when you hear that Mercury is going retrograde. It’s well understood that the lines of communication will become confusing and even downright chaotic. But Venus is all about love, sensuality, and money—this, this is the domain of the goddess Venus.

Venus rules all matters of love and beauty, and more than beauty – the aesthetic. The ‘look and feel’ of life. Just like Mercury retro can mean communication mishaps are inevitable, so too can Venus retro mean that love and beauty mishaps are ahead. Anything related to love and aesthetics in your life is bound to slow down and become either difficult or deeply reflective over the next few months.

When is Venus Retrograde?

The planet Venus will be retrograde from March 4th through April 15th. Venus represents our inner goddess. As such, she powerfully affects the way we dress and style ourselves to attract or keep a partner. Her influence is reflected in whether we embrace or reject the gift of our divine sensuality. Even the way we choose to spend money—do you lavish yourself or are you more tight with your earnings? This is all falls under the influence of Venus.

The last time Venus went retrograde was during the summer of 2015, so expect a unique confluence of energies that hasn’t been felt in a long time. The influence of Venus falls primarily under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra, so yes my Librans and Taureans, you will feel this one for sure. Taurus is all about sensuality. Whether it’s being moved by a gorgeous painting or swooning over a delicious scent, this is the distinct influence of Taurus working its magic on you. Libra is similar as it holds sway over beauty and fashion, but this zodiac sign also affects your relationships, especially if you’re married or thinking about taking the plunge.

So what are you to expect?

Perhaps it would be best to start off with a few questions. What do you value? And this applies to just about everything we discussed above. Have you thought about the way you define what beauty means to you, or what your relationship to money is like? This is truly the time to find these answers within yourself, so you can better know what exactly you are seeking in the world.

Because She is retrograde in Aries, a sign of fire and action, this is NOT the time to act. You may want to dye your hair purple, and it may seem like the best idea ever. You may finally have the courage to ask someone out. You may even be thinking of buying a new car. Don’t. Not yet, anyway. These next few weeks represent an excellent opportunity for us to go inward and reassess. 

Here’s where things get juicy. If you’re eager to enter a new partnership, just be mindful that that perfect person you’ve been fantasizing about all day and night may not be so amazing after all. Everything shows during Venus Retrograde – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

So what to do….

Trust me, it is better to wait. Use this time for dramatic reflection and contemplation about the past for you in matters of love and beauty. If you do go for it, it very well may start off with lots of passion and fire, but once your perspective is back to normal, you may experience a rude awakening as your rose tinted glasses come right off. Just remind yourself, this is Venus retro. And it might feel steamy and passionate. Again, it’s Venus retro. In Aries. Which means all of the steam and all of the passion, but in a backward form. In hindsight. Don’t get swept up in a love affair that literally isn’t going anywhere.

And finally, if you’re already in a relationship, celebrate it! This is the perfect opportunity to take care of your partner. Work out any issues and commit more fully to the relationship. Profess your love for one another. Indulge in romance, make love, have babies— this is the right time for all of that and more.

And if you’re still feeling stressed about Venus Retrograde, remember that this is only temporary. Your perspective will return to normal soon enough, but really take advantage of this opportunity to make the most of this unique window in time.

You will see things differently. Be open to change. Allow life to surprise you with its novelty. Make mistakes. Grow and learn from them. Whatever happens, you’ll be alright in the long run.

Blessings of clarity, loved ones!


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