Saturn Retrograde is Here: What Lessons are in Store for You?

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Saturn Retrograde is Here: What Lessons are in Store for You?

It’s impossible to discuss mighty Saturn retrograde without talking about the karmic repercussions associated with this illusionary cosmic phenomenon.

Saturn typically takes about 29.5 years to revolve in its entirety around Father Sun, and this ringed, mysterious beauty of a planet actually goes retrograde every year.

What to expect from Saturn Retrograde

This year, Saturn will go retrograde on April 5th and its effects will last approximately 140 days. Sounds like a long time? It is. So the first lesson here is to take your time. Go slow. Patience will be your first lesson to making the most of this opportunity. After all, this is your karma and fate you will be dealing with. No small thing.

Now is a great time to either learn or further cultivate patience, so be very deliberate in your actions and choices. There’s no rush. Feeling impulsive? Hold back a little. Go nice and easy and don’t lose your discipline. The more slowly you move, the more focused you will be. You will need that heightened sense of focus and awareness as you come to examine the nature of your karmic contracts.

Planetary retrograde motion always represents an opportunity for karma to work itself out. And with Saturn already associated with all things karma, these next 140 days will bring an extra dose of karmic possibility. If you choose to work on it, that is. Nothing will be handed to you. This is very real energy you will be working with. Karma is a Universal law, spanning across all time, through all dimensions. 

Saturn & karma

Very much like Saturn, karma is inevitably bound with the concept of time. But for a moment, consider the possibility that there is no time. And if there is no time, then past, present, and future are all existing at once—everything is intimately interconnected. You have existed before and you will continue to exist. Your true essence exists outside of time, in all places, and knows all things. Never forget this.

Your present reality is a product of everything you’ve ever done, thought, or said across all time and space. For example, you may have gotten away with murder in this lifetime–let’s hope not–but that negative act will have real consequences at some point. And when it does, it will not be an act of punishment, but rather an act of energy working itself out. And conversely, you may have done an incredibly noble act in a past life, and are now being rewarded with wonderful circumstances. These are very basic examples. The concept is not that simple, or linear for that matter, but the point is that what goes around comes around. This often occurs in very unexpected ways, as such is the nature of karma.

The energy of this event

Again, the flow of energy is what ties this all together. Think of energy as currency. Ultimately, the point is to balance your books and move on. The second lesson of Saturn going retrograde is that you have a chance to balance your karmic debts. Balance your karma, and you can get off the Wheel of Life, ending the cycle of Samsara (or the cycle of suffering) in order to find ultimate happiness.

Working on developing your patience and balancing your karma combine to bring us our third lesson. Saturn retrograde will teach us the importance of being mindful and acting correctly from the beginning, as every decision will have lasting and sometimes unexpected effects.

You don’t want to revisit the same lessons and projects over and over again, whether it’s in this lifetime or the next. From now on, this should be your mindset. Approaching everything you do from this perspective will necessarily teach you about your own limitations, which will in turn engender feelings of deep patience. Fully embrace this window of opportunity and take the time to do some deep soul searching. Keep calm and assess what you need to change and get ready for the transformation once Saturn goes direct again. The prize here is Universal wisdom and understanding that will transform you on a soul level.

Saturn going retrograde will possibly be an uncomfortable period of time. And a long one at that. But it’s also a chance to create real magic in your life. Why? Because if you can handle the lessons that Saturn will throw at you over the next few months, you will be able to take charge of your destiny. And not just in this lifetime, but across all time and space.

You are in a place of privilege. You are so close to waking up from the illusion. Seize this moment and go all the way. Deeper, more complex and infinitely glorious mysteries await you on the other side of the illusion. Are you ready?

Blessings, loved ones!