October 2023 Rare New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra

Astrology October 2023 Rare New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra

October 2023 Rare New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra

Prepare for major shifts in your relationships as one of the top cosmic events of 2023 approaches. The New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra will happen at 10:55 a.m. Pacific Time on October 14, 2023, and it’s the perfect time to contemplate what ‘we’ means to you. Use this event as an opportunity to define what it is you want in a partner — and even more importantly, ask for it!

They’re calling this the epic ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse. It’s rare because it will be widely visible from the northwestern US through Central America into Brazil. They say even regions in the Americas outside the total eclipse path may see a partial eclipse depending on weather conditions. Not only will this event be spectacular to observe in the sky — it will support shifts in consciousness, bringing change, and also bring opportunities to see, feel, and respond differently.


A solar eclipse occurs during a new moon when the Moon’s shadow crosses Earth’s surface (the Moon blocks the Sun). During a new moon solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon come together in the sky (called a conjunction) — with the Moon between the Earth and Sun. During an annular solar eclipse, the Moon is farther away from Earth than during a total eclipse, making the Moon appear smaller, which produces a ‘ring of fire’ around the Moon where the Sun is visible. Of course, wearing proper eye protection is a must when viewing any solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses:

  • Bring new beginnings and unexpected opportunities and expedite the inevitable. They usher in fresh starts and new beginnings.  
  • Help us realize what we need in our lives and open ourselves to receive it from the Universe. They prompt self-discovery and help us uncover what we want in life.
  • Reveal what is hidden from you in your conscious, waking life and ask, “What do you need to know right now that is currently being obscured from your view?” 
  • Have more of an external effect, while lunar eclipses bring up more emotional and internal issues. Similar to the Tarot’s Sun card, they bring illumination, offering you a chance to actualize and live the life you want.

NOTE: New moons are the best time to set new intentions, but when there’s also a solar eclipse, we recommend waiting about 48 hours after the eclipse before setting intentions or working moon magic. Because eclipses shake things up and bring new awareness, we need time to receive and process them first.


When the Moon transits Libra, we can feel the heart of companionship beating strong. Moon in Libra wants — no — needs to share her life with others. Libra Moon is always up for a date. She’ll meet you for dinner after work and always chooses the most appealing places, but her ultimate food is the connection with intelligent and beautiful people. The Libra Moon is an intellectual goddess who sparks up good conversation and knows how to listen. Able to sense when something’s out of balance, we can count on her to get everyone around the table to work it out. And if you’re a little rough around the edges, she can show you how to smooth them right out.

The Moon is about emotion, nurturing, and belonging, so the Moon in Libra finds comfort and family in relationships. When she sees you, she sees herself and holds this mirror of reflection close to her heart.  


  • What Does ‘We’ Mean to Me? Contemplate the concept of partnership and its meaning in your life. How do you define the aspect of ‘we,’ and what are your expectations for it?
  • What Do I Truly Desire in a Partner? Explore your deepest desires when it comes to relationships. What qualities, attributes, or characteristics are you seeking in a partner? Be specific and honest with yourself.
  • Am I Ready to Ask for What I Want? Sometimes, we hold back from expressing our true desires. Reflect on whether you’re ready to step into your power and ask for what you want in your partnerships. Are you prepared to communicate your needs?
  • How Can I Embrace Change and Shifts in Consciousness? Solar eclipses are known for ushering in transformation. Consider how you can embrace shifts in consciousness and be open to new beginnings in your relationships.
  • What Do I Need to Illuminate in My Life Right Now? Like the Sun card in the Tarot, solar eclipses illuminate hidden aspects of our lives. What do you feel is currently obscured from your view? What revelations or insights might be waiting to emerge?

Under this New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, take a moment to receive its transformative energy. This significant celestial event invites you to redefine what partnership means to you and to set your intentions for the relationships you desire. Embrace the shifts in consciousness, welcome new beginnings, and allow the hidden aspects of your life to come to light. Just as the Moon in Libra seeks balance and connection, may you find harmony and fulfillment in your own journey of self-discovery and companionship. Remember, the Universe has a way of aligning us with what we truly desire when we dare to ask for it!

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