Leo – The Proud Lioness – The Fixed Fire Sign


Leo – The Proud Lioness – The Fixed Fire Sign

It’s finally Leo season! Leos know who they are, and they like to make sure everyone else does, too. They love to be the center of attention and other signs are drawn to their enthusiasm, balance, and command. Since Leos naturally attract other signs with their charisma and leadership skills, it’s likely you have at least one Leo in your life. Here’s what you need to know:

Being a Leo: If you are a Leo, you demand a lot from yourself and others; at times you may come across as overbearing, intolerant, or snobby. Your big personality can translate to a bigger ego, but at your fiery core, you are a warm-hearted, generous, and giving soul. Well-evolved, there is no better friend, lover, or business partner than you.

Loving a Leo: If you’re lucky enough to have a Leo lover (man or woman), you learn quickly that they have claws, which can cause both pleasure and pain. Easily wounded, a Leo will fight back and fight for what they want. Like any wild animal, the Leo doesn’t want to feel limited – never put a cage around them and they will never leave

Raising a Leo: This fixed fire sign is the most stubborn of them all, so expect your Leo child to dig in their heels in order to get their way. Leo children may come across as confident and independent, but deep down this creative sign is easily wounded. As a parent encourage your Leo child’s natural creativity and curiosity, but don’t spoil them; this is the sign that grows when challenged.

Working for a Leo: Your Leo boss doesn’t want excuses or delays; they want results. While your boss may push you harder than anyone else, they will also reward you when they see your dedication and loyalty to them and the company.

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