Keep Your Inner Fire Roaring: February Numerology and Power days

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Keep Your Inner Fire Roaring: February Numerology and Power days

The days are beginning to grow longer and Mother Nature stirs with life.

The signs that the momentum will change are becoming perceptible to those of us who follow the Wheel of the Year. In just a few short weeks, we’ll see all forms of new life emerge.

Soon, we won’t have any more of the darkness and cold of winter to bear. But winter is a season of purpose – as are all seasons. We must accept this. Winter’s medicine is about rest, recovery, and going deep within. When we rest enough during winter, we have the energy we will need to sustain us for the remainder of the year. In Native traditions, this concept is known as Bear Medicine. Can we learn from bear and hibernate sufficiently to restore ourselves ahead of the busy, waking seasons?

The Numerology of February

February is the second month of the year and a time when the excitement of the new year can either come to a grinding halt or become spurred on by the many challenges that will test our resolve to manifest, grow, and transform. Luckily, the number two brings us the wisdom we need to master the challenges we will necessarily face.

The number two is be feminine in nature, as it carries the energy of the Sacred Feminine. It symbolizes everything that motherhood implies. The number two also embodies duality— positive and negative, male and female, day and night, black and white, yin and yang, etc. This number brings balance, and as such its vibration is one of peace and diplomacy, heightened intuition, and emotional sensitivity.

It’s easy to let the momentum and excitement waver now that we are fully immersed in the work of the new year. Remember that there is duality in everything. Try seeing both sides to any situation. Consider the other’s perspective. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And above all, keep that inner fire going. You’ll be glad you did once you reap the rewards of your efforts in the coming weeks and months.

Power Days

February 2: Imbolc

If you follow the Wheel of the Year, then you know that this day is a magical holiday called Imbolc  This lesser sabbat, or lower holiday, is significant because it is this midway point between Yule and the Vernal Equinox. Now, the days begin to grow longer and barren trees stir with new life. In a few short weeks, we’ll see all forms of new life emerge. We don’t have much more of the darkness and cold of winter to bear.

Being one of the “wise” requires nothing more than us taking nature’s messages to heart. If we’ve have rested and are feeling anxious to move into spring, Imbolc is an invitation to get our shit together, energetically speaking of course. This is a day to stay home and clean, organize bills, rearrange the home, and prioritize personal projects. It’s time for the action. 

Pagans honor the Celtic goddess Brigid during Imbolc, who reigns over hearth and home and is known as the Keeper of the Sacred Flame. That’s what Imbolc is to me – the fanning of my flame, the reminder of my inner fire, and a burst of energy to clear out and clean up. if you would like simple ideas to honor Imbolc, read my blog here

February 10: Full moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse

Full moon is a time of completion, and when combined with a lunar eclipse, we can count on the hidden coming to light. We can expect a dose of uplifting enthusiasm, as there is so much positivity in the air that you can only be optimistic about the coming months ahead. Like any full moon, a lunar eclipse brings your focus on all your relationships—personal, professional, academic, you name it. With this Leo eclipse full moon, we are being invited to take an objective and clear headed look at all of our intimate relationships. What is left unseen in these areas? As we become more aware of our own needs and intentions, we can begin to recognize any imbalances that cause disharmony or unrest in our closest relationships. Many believe that eclipses are a time when Nature herself turns within. Take this period as a sign to turn your gaze inward, taking stock of where you are on your personal journey. 

During an eclipse, the literal blocking out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, aka an emotional housecleaning. In other words, this is the moment to once and for all release the baggage we’ve been carrying around for the past few months (or years!). And just before Valentine’s Day for this fiery Leo eclipse moon? I can’t think of a better time for it. 

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Also called Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, this is a holiday which has meant a lot of things to many different people. Originally a Christian holiday intended to celebrate the numerous saints and martyrs with the name Valentine, the day itself didn’t acquire any romantic connotations until the fourteenth century, when the works of Chaucer popularized the concept of courtly love.

Much like the December holidays, which can test the resilience of our hearts, this time can be just as emotionally trying. Remember though, no matter what, you are the beloved of Source. Your mission is to love and be loved, openly and freely. Loved ones, embrace your heart’s desire. This day opens a portal to nourish your heart. Take stock of how you offer yourself love, who makes you feel loved, and with whom you wish to invest your heart’s energy. And remember, the love must start within. 

February 26: New Moon in Pisces/Solar Eclipse 

New moon in Pisces brings the supercharged energies of dreams, rebirth, change, and new beginnings here on Earth. Pisces says dream; new moon says start, and with eclipse energy shining light on areas that need attention and forcing events into play that will usher you forward, now is the time

This solar eclipse is just as exciting and magical as the lunar eclipse earlier this month. Be mindful that negative energies are also heightened during eclipses, so protection is crucial.This is a wonderful opportunity for us to turn our dreams into reality. Anticipate lasting results, especially in your relationships, but remember that these blessings hinge on the importance of humility and gratitude. Source will bless you ten-fold for just a little bit of humble thanks. A solar eclipse also symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, so scrutinize and question all your habits, behaviors and beliefs because this is your true path to lasting progress. A fresh start is available to you now, if you desire it.

February 28: Mardi Gras 

Also known as Fat Tuesday, this holiday refers to the numerous carnival celebrations that begin on or after the feast of the Epiphany. Mardi Gras translates from French as Fat Tuesday. This has to do with the tradition of consuming fatty, decadent foods in anticipation of the fasting that is practiced during the season of Lent. Primarily an Anglican and Catholic tradition, Mardi Gras is nevertheless celebrated worldwide throughout several countries. The most notable celebrations are held in the United States, Brazil, and in Western Europe.

This is generally regarded as a time to revel in pleasure, delight, and decadence. In other words, it’s a celebration of life. Take time today to revel in the fun of life. Eat, drink, and be merry! Laugh, love, and celebrate. The world is heavy right now and although it may seem there is not much cause for revelry, I invite you to find something to celebrate on this day. 

It will be dark and cold for just a little while longer beloveds. Take time to turn within during these final few weeks, so that you may prepare to drop your literal and figurative seeds into the ground at Ostara. 

Blessings of ambition, resilience, and excitement, dearest ones, the best is still yet to come!

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  1. I find this refreshing, as by birthday is the day after, and I have felt that something was changing but not what. This relates a lot to thoughts I have been thinking recently.

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