Full Super Blue Moon – The Superwoman Moon

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Full Super Blue Moon – The Superwoman Moon

Full moons are mystical, alluring, and emotion-stirring. We revel in the sensual pleasure, and potential “madness”, of watching what was once dark coming into the light. We are enticed to walk into the wildness and unpredictability associated with full moons. We imagine wolves howling, naked women dancing, and a lover’s first kiss under Luna’s light. The moon moves us to feel the deep, raw, and uninhibited feeling that comes from something we can’t possibly define. The impending full super blue moon seems intent on providing more fuel for our fires of imagination and creativity – feeding our lunar landscapes, and awakening powerful dormant magic in all forms.

We will close the month with the first blue moon total lunar eclipse in 150 years (in the Americas). We started January 2018 with a full moon on the 1st, and now, Luna reaches culmination once again on the 31st. We have two chances this month to celebrate progress toward our goals, receive the manifestation of our intentions, and more fully see in the light of awareness. The luminaries in the sky reflect our inner light – but do you recognize, feel, and accept this light as yours? While January offers a rare sky light show with two full moons, February will have none, leaving you to shine from the inside-out. January 31st is a powerful time to recognize the amazing source of light that you are, to share it with others, and to fully receive it within yourself.

In the sign of Leo, this magical moon will radiate the Lioness’ strength, pride, and undeniable heart-centered presence. It’s perfectly fitting that people are calling this event The Superwoman Full Moon! If there was ever a time to release your personal primal roar into the Universe, it is now! This full moon will emanate special and rare feminine lunar energy, infused with the creativity, leadership, and dignity of Leo. Leo, the fixed sign of fire, is akin to a bonfire. It’s the archetype of self-generating and sustaining love, worth, and value that fills the world with warmth, generosity, motivation, joy, and creativity. Leo reconnects us with our inner divinity and royalty, reminding us we are gifted with the precious ability to create life.

Leo is ruled by the sun, and in essence, this Superwoman Full Moon in Leo embodies the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine; Mother Moon and Father Sun; yin and yang. The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon. A supermoon occurs when the moon is full or new, and closest to earth. The full moon on January 31st will be the third full supermoon since December 3rd. The full super blue moon on the 31st will pass through the earth’s shadow, giving us a total lunar eclipse.

Because this coming full moon is also a lunar eclipse, we may experience heightened sensitivity. Eclipses are like someone turning the lights off and back on – sometimes we are shocked at what we see after that brief flash. Eclipses affect our personal fields just as they change the earth’s electromagnetic energy field. We can expect emotions to be stirred and feelings to rise from the darkness within. The currents that run through our nervous systems are sensitive, and pick up these influences. Whereas solar eclipses have more of an external effect, lunar eclipses bring up emotional and internal issues.

The full moon combined with the eclipse may be just the trick to seeing more clearly in the mirror of “other”. What we attract in our lives often reflects versions of those very aspects in ourselves, whether or not we like them or take any responsibility in owning them. A fully eclipsed moon often takes on a reddish hue due to the way the atmosphere bends light, so we call it a blood moon. The night of January 30th, and morning of January 31st, will bring ultimate moon magic. The super blue blood moon will get your attention, whether you see it or not, for she will be center stage, in all her costumes, offering the fullness of her heart. How will you meet her by sharing your own light; letting the best of who you are warm, inspire, and delight the world around you?

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Full moons always shine a light of awareness on the fruits of our labor; it is a time to celebrate the results of our intentions and actions. During the full moon, everything is magnified. The Lioness brings a fiery clarity and strong will to create, forge, and birth. She wants to immortalize herself in the world, and she does this by birthing her children – her children can be anything generated from within her; anything sprung and expressed from her heart.

When the sky goes dark, we gaze in awe as our ancestors did many thousands of years ago. We now have a much deeper and more nuanced understanding of sky phenomena, and yet even with this wisdom, we still find ourselves entranced and enchanted. Use this time to celebrate your light and how it lives in the world. Be open to seeing what you’ve manifested, and how it serves you and others. If you don’t like it, you can change it, or start over at the next new moon. Embrace your creative self and the fact that you are an artist, making art everyday. Let the Superwoman Full Moon recharge you with passion for living and expressing yourself. Don’t play small to stay safe. Be your full size and inspire everyone to shine. There are no limits to love.

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2 thoughts on “Full Super Blue Moon – The Superwoman Moon

  1. Hello Sage goddess This is Jeremiah I have been watching your YouTube channels for a couple weeks now and I just wanted to let you know that I find your channel so inspirational and heartfelt and just amazing even though I’m a male I just enjoy watching and learning so much especially the astrology the gods and goddesses I mean everything that you’ve been teaching that I’ve been watching it has just been phenomenal for me and I wanted to take this time to thank you for the things that you’re doing and know that you are lifting people up even people who haven’t subscribed and I thought you know what I’m going to subscribe because I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a wonderful job you’re doing and how many people you really touch so thank you very much for what you’re doing and I find that your perfumes are awesome I don’t wear them and never smelled them but the fact that you’re making your own for the astrologies and everything else is just phenomenal I wish I lived out in La I live here in Michigan but I’m able to get your channel on YouTube and I find it awesome I cannot wait for the 31st because of the Blue Moon the super moon at the eclipse and it being a Blood Moon as well so I just wanted to tell you thank you because you have open my eyes to a lot of things that I always have so many questions about and you seem to answer them without me having to ask you and I just love that so thank you for everything that you’re doing

  2. Thank you Athena!!!! I just joined Holistic Healers, and already I feel changed. I’m definitely vibrating at a higher level and seeing all I need to Be. Like always, you have said just the right thing to guide me back to my calling, soul purpose. This moon is pulling me hard before this eclipse, feeling intense anxiety and unease with myself. Then I read all of this… ^^^ specifically “Embrace your creative self and the fact that you are an artist, making art everyday.” And I KNOW I’m moving exactly where I should be. Yet it’s a little scary taking the leap to become a Superwoman. I know I have got magic in me I must share. Grateful for your wisdom, guidance and the supermoon to help me get there. Brightest blessings to you.

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