Full Moon in Capricorn – Mirror, Mirror in the Sky

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Full Moon in Capricorn – Mirror, Mirror in the Sky

The Moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth, giving it strong influence over us. The Moon’s gravity pulls on Earth’s oceans, causing tides. Tidal friction caused by the Moon slows down Earth’s rotation over time, creating our 24-hour days. Without the Moon, our days would be 6 – 8 hours long, with >1,000 days in a year. The Moon is the only reason we have solar and lunar eclipses. The external force of the Moon stabilizes Earth’s 23.5 degree axial tilt, preventing catastrophic shifts – imagine no seasons at all or rolling on our side like Uranus, with the most extreme seasons imaginable. Existence on Earth without our Moon would mean very dark nights forever.

In astrology, we associate the Moon with safety and security; with emotions and feelings; with feminine mysteries, and how we nurture and receive nurturance. We refer to our ‘inner lunar landscape’ as the emotional, non-rational world of our psyche. The Moon encompasses the lunar goddess archetypes in all her forms and faces. She is not just the Mother, she is also Maiden and Crone. She is supportive and caring, yet destructive and devouring.

Grandmother Moon in Native American tradition connects us with the feminine powers of intuition – sensitivity in our bones, ancient knowledge flowing in our blood, our hunches and inner promptings. She stands for inclusion by weaving us all into her monthly cycles and literally stabilizing our planet. It’s difficult to get personal with Sun – even looking at it directly can burn our retinas – and its presence is always the same, even if obscured by clouds. The Moon is intrusively personal, changing in presence by the day, and bringing us dependable cycles of day/night, seasons, and even women’s personal moon cycles. In many ways, the Moon reflects our reality and relationships in all their phases.

We call the Moon ‘Full’ when it’s opposing the Sun in the sky. An opposition is one of the major aspects we use in astrology. Oppositions bring about our awareness, like looking across a see-saw and feeling the tension of balance or imbalance. They often feel like a struggle between two things or energies, but this is simply polarization of one shared field of energy. I like to think of oppositions and polarities as one continuum with a person standing at each extreme end, sometimes noticing the other for the first time.

It’s common to project energy onto others during the Full Moon, because we are seeing something, perhaps for the first time, without a mature relationship with it. Crazy and unpredictable behavior during the Full Moon is often the manifestation of our reactions to our new awareness. What we see, hear and feel, and how we perceive these things can drive us ‘insane’ – or open us up to new opportunities and relationships within ourselves and with others. It’s important to remember that, just like the see-saw or tightrope, tension is required for true balance. With Full Moon and other oppositions, we are learning to come into balance, often through the experience of extremes. We need to know both ends of the spectrum, both points of view, to find the harmonious place of give and take…inside and out.

Full Moons are always a fabulous time to let go of things that no longer serve you. When you have the courage to look into the mirror of reflection and own what is yours, you empower yourself to take responsibility for releasing anything that blocks your path to truth. This Full Moon in Capricorn is especially powerful for taking accountability of your inner lunar landscape, and how it is manifesting itself in your life. Are there goals you keep striving for that no longer make sense? Are you judging yourself harshly and attracting that same judgment from those around you? Are you in charge of yourself, or are you awaiting permission and direction from some other place? Use this time to account for yourself. Sometimes giving up a goal or ambition is the best choice, allowing you to make room for something new, more aligned with your heart and purpose.

Imagine our Sun in one of your hands. The Sun is in the sign of Cancer, radiating actively nurturing, emotionally-charged, protective energy. In your other hand, rests the Full Moon in Capricorn, reflecting and distributing the Sun’s light to Earth in an authoritative and practical style. Cancer and Capricorn represent the parental axis, the archetypal combination of ‘mother’ and ‘father’. The Capricorn landscape can feel hard and dry, taking effort to yield results. With the life-giving water of Cancer, the land becomes soft and fertile. Cancer on its own lacks boundaries and maturity. Collectively, Capricorn and Cancer nurture, grow, produce, and organize life into families, business, and empires. They yield profitable and respectable results that are not separated from the heart and soul. Feelings and physical actions align; neither the people nor the product overcome the other.

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Full Moon Affirmation

I choose to see under the light of the Full Moon; to see inside myself with courage.

Listening and feeling with heightened sensitivity, I am making myself available for new experiences.

Confronting the mirror, I take responsibility for the aspects of me in the reflection.

I willingly surrender anything that no longer serves my greatest good, hereby detoxifying myself on all levels.

I equally honor my feelings and emotions along with my drive for achievement and manifestation.

By the power of the Moon and the Sun, I embody more of my true shining self, sharing my light with the Universe.

And in perfect reciprocity, I gratefully receive the illuminated Light of Awareness.

And So It Is.