Capricorn New Moon – Achieving True Success

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Capricorn New Moon – Achieving True Success

The cardinal earth magic of Capricorn honors your ambition. If you are in need of a new business plan, inspiration to set goals and take action, or the power of authority and leadership, don’t miss the chance to engage with the energy of this upcoming Capricorn new moon on January 16th. This is the first new moon of 2018! Be part of our free Capricorn new moon event, where we will set forth intentions for ourselves, the community, and the planet. RSVP to join us in person or online and prepare to feel the influence of unity, as we raise our consciousness and awareness, and take meaningful action to effect positive change within and without.

In Capricorn, the sign of the ultimate business leader and entrepreneur, the Moon finds security in success and accomplishment. She longs for respect and a clear sense of responsibility. Whether a decorated general or dutiful soldier, Capricorn is most comfortable knowing her “place” in the hierarchy. This is a fantastic time to check in with your inner supremacy and account for yourself. To whom or to what are you reporting? Is it time for someone else to be in charge? Perhaps a different part within you is ready to take the lead? It really is your choice…and your life.

When the new moon transits Capricorn, she seeks power and control over new events and beginnings. While this can lead to swift professional progress and achievement of goals, it can also bring stress in place of what should be available at the new moon – energies of creation. The medicine of the new moon in Capricorn is to bring balance to one’s sense of accomplishment and expectations of achievement. Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn, also bring the joy of satisfaction – satisfaction that comes from hard-earned work, both in the external world and the internal emotional landscape. Capricornian satisfaction results from the wisdom and maturity gained from determination and perseverance through the “hard knocks” of life.

The inherent energy of Aries in all new moons blends with Capricorn, amping up the cardinal drive to move forward. Capricorn wants results, but it is important to incorporate balance, because pushing too hard and trying to manifest before the “thing” is ready is counterproductive. New moon represents initiation and stirring of the new – not ready to be born into full light yet. To achieve balance, we can look to Capricorn’s polarity, Cancer. By integrating Cancer’s water (nurturing, self-care, sensitivity, value of emotions), Capricorn will not become too demanding, harsh, and dry. Flexible strength is established and maintained.

Give your intentions, plans, and dreams time to gestate. This brief time in the dark is nurturing and strength building; exposing your intentions to the light too soon can drain their potency. Consider keeping your excitement and passion to yourself, just for a few days, so it can reach its maximum intensity. Sharing or revealing too soon may disperse the energy before it’s had a chance to develop naturally.

The new moon is dark because the Moon is passing between the Earth and Sun. This initial invisibility summons thoughts, feelings, and desires of an instinctual nature. You may feel like you need to start something up, but don’t know exactly what to do. At the new moon, you can’t see what will actually come to fruition. This is when you must plant a seed. You must trust that at this time, you only need the spark and initial force of energy towards manifesting your intention. Use your vitality to shoot this spark of new energy into the fertile ground of limitless possibility.

What intentions will you set forth for achieving true success and satisfaction? From the mountaintop 360-degree-view of Capricorn, you have access to greater vision which incorporates much more than your personal perspective. Use this energy to support yourself in the context of community and interconnectedness with all beings. Plan to make use of your resources in responsible, productive ways. With calculations, careful coordination, and time management, you have the power to organize your life into an efficient, smooth running ship, whose captain always remembers to schedule periods of leisure on luscious tropical islands. The Capricorn new moon isn’t concerned with thinking too much about it – Do it!

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  1. Thank you so much for this message today! I’m holding a workshop on Sunday at my Studio on and setting intentions and then using them to create a vision board. This message helps validate my decision. Love and Light!!

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