The Weekly Sage – Edition 30; Saturday, March 17, 2018

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The Weekly Sage – Edition 30; Saturday, March 17, 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Sage, an outward and inward look at the week to come. So many of us use Tarot, astrology, and contemplative journaling to support ourselves and each other. We hope this little weekly blog will inspire all of us to think, feel, and transform in bigger ways together. May it unite us by collectively magnifying our personal intentions into a potent source of positive energy, that will spread into our communities and beyond.



The new moon in Pisces arrived early this morning! It’s the perfect time to set intentions around acceptance and compassion for self and others – exactly as you/they are. To stop trying to “fix” things and receive the love and beauty of the moment. To let go of time by immersing yourself in less linear inspired activities, like ritual, worship, art, music, nature, journeying, and meditation. And to DREAM! If you bought your New Moon in Pisces Set, now is the time to use it to harness these energies. And our New Moon in Aries Set premieres today! Get yours here!

Mars enters Capricorn today, directing our energy toward accomplishment. Mars is the planet of action, and in cardinal Capricorn, we feel the need to keep moving in order to achieve our goals. The warrior planet needs a fight, lives for a fight. In Capricorn, he fights for respect, authority, and success. This energy does not tire easily – it will work until it collapses. Choose to use it well and there is no mountain you can’t climb.

Spring begins when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. Aries leads the zodiac, and its energy, as the spark of life, infuses every new beginning. This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the Vernal Equinox and Ostara on March 20. On this day, we welcome the season of rebirth, and its energies of light, hope, fertility, growth, and new beginnings. We also take this time to pause and pay our respects to the departing winter, and the solitude, self-reflection, and wisdom that its darkness so powerfully offered us. Use this day to cleanse, heal, and balance your spirit, to sow new seeds, and to regenerate within the powerful energy of this sacred time of year.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 22, until April 15. Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic do-over. If you want to try again – at a relationship, a project, an idea, a conversation – you get a second chance during these periods. We refer to planets as retrograde when they appear to move backwards from Earth’s perspective. This illusion represents a time to redefine, reevaluate, rework, and reclaim. We get another shot at something, if we want it. Mercury is the ruling planet of all communication – verbal, written, and body language. It’s the part of us that takes information in, categorizes, connects, and translates. Astrologers recommend easing off certain pursuits, like starting new endeavors, signing contracts, completing tasks, and building new relationships. If traveling, it is recommended that you allot extra time for delays and mix-ups. Take this time to be mindful, stay calm, reflect, and practice compassion with yourself and everyone else.

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As we journey through A World of Magic this year, we are choosing a variety of Tarot and oracle decks for the Weekly Sage, as they correspond with the civilizations we explore. This edition, we are using Whispers of Lord Ganesha deck by Angela Hartfield, to embrace the sacred symbology of India. The Princess of Cups comes forward today, for all of us, representing renewal of emotion. The Princess of Cups is a young, whimsical, and starry-eyed lover. She encapsulates innocence and naivety – dreamy, immature, and sentimental. She’s learning to love, falling in love, or simply beginning to approach life with more feeling. She can signify the beginning of a new soul fulfilling project or phase of life. When the Princess of Cups comes forward, she advises you to put your guard down, and lead with your heart, despite fear of vulnerability. Intimacy is a wonderful feeling, and when combined with trust and emotional maturity is powerful. Love is the beginning of all things beautiful – and as spring is the mark of light and renewal, the Princess of Cups inspires us to love with no bounds, to look at life with rose-colored glasses, but to also go about love with a bit of sophistication.

Tangerine EO

AroMagic Oil of the Week

Tangerine essential oil is uplifting and rejuvenating to the body, heart, and mind. Its scent is citrusy and lively, and it pronounces itself with immediacy. Tangerine soothes the nervous heart and instills a range of positive expressions, such as spontaneous bursts of joy and happiness. Tangerine is associated with the Sacral Chakra, Sun, and Leo energy, hence, this oil is bold, courageous, charismatic, and brave with a distinctly light, feminine approach. Tangerine has been used for over three thousand years throughout Asia and the Middle East. Ever-present in the famed pleasure gardens of India and Islamic traditions, tangerine’s luscious fragrance and inviting blossoms and fruits have delighted its admirers for ages.


Weekly Journal

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, just for their passions alone? How every word that comes out of their mouth is wrapped with love, and entrancing frequency? Have you ever felt your heartbeat race at the sheer thought of your own ambition? Passion is sexy – it is passion that drives the movers of the world, and makes any human being so irresistible because of their strong sense of self and purpose. It is love and ambition wrapped up in one, and it is also what makes a person slightly unattainable – someone else’s passion can never be yours. Why are our passions important to us? Consuming yourself with an idea makes you powerful, because in seeing those ideas through, you honor yourself and your purpose in life. Passion is the fruit of life – it’s the juicy sweetness smeared all over your face, invigorating your soul. When you are dedicated to your own passions, you inspire others. Your spirit then becomes apparent for all to see. You radiate, you attract, and you move the world. What are you passionate about?

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