The Weekly Sage – Edition 16; Saturday, December 9, 2017

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The Weekly Sage – Edition 16; Saturday, December 9, 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Sage, an outward and inward look at the week to come. So many of us use Tarot, astrology, and contemplative journaling to support ourselves and each other. We hope this little weekly blog will inspire all of us to think, feel, and transform in bigger ways together. May it unite us by collectively magnifying our personal intentions into a potent resource of positive energy, that will spread into our communities and beyond.

December is a time of fairytale magic. Cold nights kiss your face with cupid’s icy arrow, bringing you closer to warm, enchanting embraces with loved ones. The intoxicating scent of hot chocolate escapes from every patisserie and coffee shop, brightly shining christmas lights are strung all over the city, and the sounds of lullabies are always within earshot. Are you feeling the enchantment of this season?

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Astrology – Which will you feed?

Today, Mars enters the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the traditional ruling planet of Scorpio, and with the combination of their symbiotic energies surrounding us, our ability to transform is more palpable than ever. Mars is the planet of energy and action – fueling both drive and ambition. In Scorpio, Mars motivates us to transform with a tenacious force. During this transit, our willpower and drive can almost feel Herculean. With the support of the fiery Warrior, infused with the regenerative power of watery Scorpio, we are drawn to confront our fears and embrace our vulnerabilities. This is the time to focus our intentions and desires with confidence, avoiding associating ourselves with trivialities, as they will be met with penetrating strength. Use this opportunity to work with the darkest parts of yourself – mining for the diamonds in the rough. Summon the courage and discipline required for positive transformation, to be reborn, just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Keep your healthy protections up during this time and remember to breathe and keep yourself grounded. If not harnessed positively, the effects of this energy can result in explosive arguments and extended conflict. Turn within for solitude from what may at times seem to be an overly chaotic and overwhelming world. Don’t start anything combatant if you can help it, and be prepared to simply step away from arguments and any undertakings that inhibit your growth and success. Pick your battles deliberately and sparingly, and direct this potent energy into what you love the most. Channel this intense energy into your love for your business, passion, partner, friends, or family and create moments of pure magic. When faced with conflict, were more prone to emotional reactions – first seek to understand before reacting. Using this energy for good will leave an everlasting and intimate mark on your relationships, and empower you on multiple levels.

Weekly Tarot

The Chariot Tarot card comes forward today, for all of us, representing triumph and forward motion. The Chariot encourages a change of direction accompanied by confidence, intuition, and discipline. In this card we see a powerful masculine figure dressed in typical battle armor regalia, riding in gallantly at the front of his chariot. He holds a small scepter, and wears a gold crown with a star above his head. Stars adorn the drapery on his chariot, as well. Two sphinxes, one white and one black, pull the chariot symbolizing the unity of light and dark inside of the great knight – representing our need for both forces in order to move forward. With the appearance of the Chariot card, we are encouraged to manage and progress through our inner struggles and emotions, dark and light, with trust. Notice the knight doesn’t hold a standard weapon, rather a wand, signifying unrelentless faith in himself.  This is the lesson of victory. The greatest successes come only when you believe in your own intuition and master the self. Nothing is impossible.

Weekly Journal – Cuddle, Dream, Repeat

During dreamy December, the month of hibernation and endless nights wrapped in warm throws on the couch, we descend into our deepest introspections. The new year is near, and the promise of new beginnings and rejuvenation is on the horizon. As our Mother Earth sleeps in shimmering snowflakes, whistling winds, frozen rivers, and barren trees, I encourage you to retreat and embrace the dark mysteries of winter. Where there is darkness, there is also the promise of mystery. Where knowledge of the unknown is found, new beginnings follow. I encourage you to reflect upon your happiness. What is it that truly makes you happy? This answer can be as simple as “my new candle,” or as concrete as “my career.” Then make a list. This process starts the cycle of gratitude and selection. You will start seeing what isn’t working for you, and what is. This year, when you set intentions for the new year ahead, allow yourself to, first, discern what is making you happy, instead of reacting from a place of defeat. Add to your life instead of subtracting from it. When you make decisions based on your happiness, the gravity of these choices becomes heavier and ultimately more fulfilling. Are you happy? Such a simple question with so much weight.  Are you content? What would make you happy? How much does fear play in the role of your happiness? Do you feel it’s too late? It’s not. New beginnings are ahead, my loves, and the time for change is now, and always.

The Big Question: