What I’ve learned about magic is that we all want to believe. It’s harder for some of us to believe depending on our life experiences and upbringing. Even if we’ve been shown or taught otherwise, each of us has seen things we can’t explain, sensed synchronicities and deja vu, and felt chills run up our spines, telling us magic is real. We hold an ancient gem or mineral, or anoint our skin with a rich, sacred oil, and we just know. When people ask me what’s so magical about gemstones and essential oils, I tell them – they are a way into the Great Mystery. They are the gatekeepers to a past that summons us. I know that I have worked with these treasures for much longer than 30 years – thousands of years – millennia. I have healed with oils and gridded with stones. Soothed tired souls and enriched weak bodies. Raised, strengthened and released. Birthed, gathered, and surrendered to the Earth. A lifetime of magic. Lifetimes of magic are in my soul, a lineage of entry points into a Universe of wisdom that never ceases to capture my imagination, hold my attention, and enchant me beyond description, as well as bless and provide for me.

May magic be the same for you, and may it ever remind you that the Universe is a mysterious place, always waiting to reveal its beauty to you in every moment. It’s in the rocks; it’s in the herbs; it’s in the oils; it’s in your spirit.

Your entire life can change with these tools. All you must do is wish it so, and then allow.

With love and shared blessings,


Plants are medicine. It’s true! I have been working with essential oils for many years, and they have had a profound effect – energetically and physically healing the deepest levels of my body, mind and spirit. Because their primary route of absorption is inhalation, they have a strong and immediate influence on the limbic system, where ancient memories, past lives, and psychic lineage are all stored. Scent is the key to unlocking the door to a connection with the subconscious. It can draw in the spirit guides, transport us back millennia, and tap into the darkest, most hidden parts of us. It truly is the deepest unspoken magic.

In the tradition of the finest French perfume houses, I select only the highest quality essential oils for my AroMagic line. I seek to alchemize and balance the limbic system with the properties of the botanicals and set a sacred, custom healing intention for each oil both individually and when integrated into a blend.

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Each carefully crafted AroMagic Essential Oil is infused with the powerful energy of a
clear quartz crystal

Everything – including you and me and all the things around us – is energy, constantly moving and vibrating on a subatomic level. Your vibrations and mine are different. Gemstones and essential oils and other tools themselves have different and unique vibrations and can be attuned to your energy. When you function at a high and pure vibrational rate, you have more energy, you feel better, and your mood is elevated. Stones, oils, and crystals can align the meridians in the body, the Qi or Chi or Prana, to the Chakras or energy centers, offering healing and relief.

When an oil is infused with clear quartz, over time it takes on its’ metaphysical energy vibrations. Known as the Master Healer among gem and metaphysical scholars, clear quartz clears the auric body and unlocks your body’s own healing abilities to help you manifest perfect and Divine health. It also possesses the powers of magnification and intensification, which enhances the healing potency of the essential oil it infuses.

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Sourcing essential oils from remote areas around the world is not a job for the faint-hearted! We have a dedicated team that works all year round to ensure we preserve the quality and continuity of our 100% pure essential oil supply. My Sage Goddess AroMagic line represents the new gold standard in essential oils – ethically sourced, custom created and hand poured with love. Our oils are pure, unadulterated, undiluted and therapeutic grade, and come packaged in dark violet glass bottles, ensuring that light does not disrupt the oils’ integrity and healing properties. AroMagic oils contain no additional bases, fillers, or additives. All of our oils are routinely and rigorously tested via Gas-Liquid Chromatography (GLC) or Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) testing to ensure the highest possible quality, purity and potency.


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