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Magic of China


Herbs and Oils for the Five Elements

This June we are exploring the ancient Chinese civilization – a culture that put the utmost importance on discipline and balance. The Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Woodsymbolize the relationship of all universal interactions. Each of the elements corresponds with Yin or Yang.

The Five Elements, also known as the Wu Xing, refer to the Chinese elements that are associated with process and change, whereas the classic Greek elements are concerned with the natural qualities. The beauty of the Chinese elements is that everything is interconnected and relates back to the seasons and cycles of life. To understand the Five Elements is to master the five laws of nature.

The correspondences for June’s class material have changed in order to stay true to the Chinese connection to the Five Elements.

Wintergreen – (Gaultheria procumbens) North America
To represent Chinese element: Water

Wintergreen represents the Water element. It penetrates deep within the body, increasing its vibration and enhancing sound on all levels. Wintergreen was used during spiritual ceremonies because it brought harmony between earth and its people through awareness. Its profound increase in vibration opens spiritual awareness and leads to introspection of Divine self-love. Wintergreen is also helpful to those who are very left-brained (logical), helping them expand further into their intuitive side (right brain).

Wintergreen has been used to bring good luck and fortune to children. Placing wintergreen inside of a child’s pillow protects them from harm and provides good fortune throughout their lives. Adding wintergreen in their bath is said to draw money and good luck as well. Wintergreen was also used during many spiritual ceremonies to treat curses. Wintergreen has incredible healing properties – this herb has traditionally been used to alleviate headaches, muscle cramps, and joint and bone pain. Wintergreen oil also helps drive out stress and tension. Wintergreen detoxes the system and stimulates blood circulation, clearing blood obstructions.

  • Discussion Question: What herbs do you like to use in your spiritual ceremonies?

Mandarin(Citrus reticulata) Southern China, Far East
To represent Chinese element: Fire

Mandarin represents the Fire element. Fire is the expansive, radiant energy of yang at its peak. Mandarin has been cultivated in China since 12th Century B.C. Its valuable oil is extracted directly from the peel and has been used for medicinal purposes in China since ancient times. Known to detox the body, cleanse the soul, and rejuvenate anyone who comes in contact with its scent, mandarin restores power back to your body.

Citrus essential oils such as mandarin not only have an intoxicating, light scent, but their healing magic is incomparable. Mandarin is known to remove all toxins and restores balance from nervous exhaustion, apathy, depression, and low self-esteem. Its soothing and uplifting properties awaken the spirit and inspire your vigor. Mandarin also helps us connect to the innocence of our inner child, and strengthens our Life Force.  

  • Discussion Question: How do you detox and rejuvenate your body?

White Peony Root – (Paeonia lactifloraCentral and Eastern Asia 
To represent Chinese element: Earth

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White peony root represents Earth energy. Earth is energy in its descending yin stage, and white peony has been used for thousands of years to preserve yin. The ancient Chinese people believed that regular use of white peony root would extend life and promote inner and outer beauty. It is said that: “Women who partake in the consumption of white peony root every day becomes as beautiful as the peony flower itself.”

White peony is the ancient Chinese symbol of love as it is associated with the heart in ancient cosmology. When processed in certain ways, the root is a suitable aid in traditional fasting and cleansing rituals similar to the herbs favored by Chinese Hermits. White peony root is a common ingredient in the esoteric process of Taoist alchemy.

  • Discussion Question: Is there a beauty trick you use in your daily regimen?

Reishi Mushroom Powder – (Ganoderma lucidum) Pacific Northwest
To represent Chinese element: Wood

Reishi mushroom powder represents Wood energy. It is the rising energy in an accelerating yang phase. Wood is about motivation, growth, and harmony in the flow of life. Reishi has been used since the beginning of human history as a protector herb. It also aids the seeker in spiritual development. It promotes excellent health and a long life by harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. The ancient Chinese have traditionally used reishi to enhance spiritual and meditative practices. Often called the “mushroom of spiritual potency” by Taoists and spiritual seekers, it is essential to life as it is a strong protector of the entire body.

Reishi mushroom powder is one of the most powerful tonics on earth for longevity. Research confirms that reishi is an immune modulator and important antioxidant. Reishi was classified as a “Superior herb” 24,000 years ago by the Shu Dynasty. It can be taken continuously without negative side effects.

  • Discussion Question: How do you use reishi?

Metal Bonus Dram
To represent Chinese element: Metal

Metal is a blend of ginger, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, cedarwood, and silver fir. The Metal element is correlated with autumn and reflection – part of the Qi energy which deals directly with the lungs and lower intestine. With Metal being associated with autumn, the herbs in this blend are spicy, balancing, and warm.

Ginger clears and detoxifies the system. Ginger is traditionally used to increase energy, personal power, luck, and healing. It is an essential ingredient in any magical activity as it adds power and increases the speed at which the spell is in effect.

Cinnamon bark has traditionally been used as a cordial, tonic, and stimulant. Its fragrance reinvigorates the feeble. It stimulates both romantic and physical attraction and draws prosperity and success.

Eucalyptus helps you release and open up the passages of your spirit. A powerful Third Eye opener, eucalyptus will deepen your intuition and instill you with a beautiful sense of peace, serenity, and energetic balance.

Cedarwood has smoky, deep notes that resonate with autumn, allowing you to tune back into nature. Cedarwood possesses an energy that is deep, ancient, and protective. It allows you to connect with your ancestors, and tap into your innermost wisdom – the wisdom that resonates with the sacred truths of the earth.

Lastly, this blend includes silver fir –  an extra special, rare, and sacred oil to seal this magical dram together. Silver fir has a soft and clean aroma that instills you with a sense of calm. Silver fir encourages revitalizing sleep and mental clarity.

  • Discussion Question: What magical activity will you use this bonus dram for?