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Magic of Norse

The Helm of Awe is one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology – it’s a magical sphere shape intended to strike fear in the enemy. Its eight arms radiate out from its center as if defending the heart by preparing to attack any hostility that comes its way. The Helm of Awe symbol was drawn or worn on the center of the forehead, as it activated the vision and foresight of the pineal gland. Used in Norse mythology for centuries, this symbol was thought to protect and empower warriors in battle. The Helm of Awe is also known as the Helm of Terror – clearly, a name that is on the colder side. These class tools will take you on a journey that will lead to warmth; warmth in fierce protection. The following herbs and oils were sacred to ancient Viking lands as they were used for survival, and were believed to raise vibrational energy for protection.

Black spruce (Picea mariana)North America, Canada, Arctic territories, Alaska

: Jupiter
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element: Earth, Water
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Third Eye

Black spruce is prized for its expansive effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Distilled from the needles of its tree, this invigorating oil has a moderately potent aroma that is ideal for uplifting, grounding, and centering emotions. Black spruce assists you in working with your shadow self, as it helps you to recall past memories. This essential oil is connected to the Root and Heart Chakras, both of which need to be activated during any protection work. Black spruce has an immediate grounding effect, helping you feel connected to yourself, your breath and a deep connection to Earth. When you are centered, you can feel yourself expand on many levels and many planes of existence. Black spruce helps you get there; it not only calms your spiritual body, but your physical as well, gently relaxing and soothing your muscles.

  • Discussion Question: Which oils do you use to explore your shadow self?

Balsam fir (Abies balsamea) – North America, Eastern and central Canada

Planet: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn
Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius
Element: Air
Quality: Masculine
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Balsam fir, also known as silver fir, is an excellent ally for strength and breaking up negativity. Its properties invoke power, insight, progression, and change. Balsam fir is warming and grounding, and its needles can be used to represent Earth in magical work. This essential oil is used for meditation and psychic work as it also aids in improving memory. Icelandic writings from as far back as 1475 praised the balsam fir for healing earaches and wounds with excessive bleeding. Balsam fir is a major healer of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body as it opens the heart and increases stamina. Balsam fir is used in magic for transformation, change, and power, as it is the sacred tree of rebirth and allows for an awareness of the present and future.

  • Discussion Question: Will you use balsam fir for your physical, emotional, or spiritual body?

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)Europe, Western Asia

Planet: Jupiter
Zodiac: Gemini
Element: Air, Water
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Meadowsweet is a member of the rose family and is a powerful ally for love, divination, peace, and happiness. This herb is among the most sacred herbs of the Druids, as it protects against all negative influences. Meadowsweet is associated with the gift of courage and protection and invokes balance and harmony for those who work with it. When meadowsweet is strewn together, it invokes peace and is customary to hang about the house for pleasant vibrations. Its scent also fills the heart with joy and positivity. If you’re worried about thieves, place meadowsweet in water. If the herb sinks, the thief is a man, and if it floats, a woman.

  • Discussion Question: Which herbs do you like to use for divination?

Icelandic moss (Cetraria islandica)Iceland, Wales, northern England, Scotland, south-west Ireland, Arctic regions, North America

Planet: Moon
Zodiac: Cancer
Element: Water
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Icelandic moss has been used in Scandinavia and Europe for centuries for food and medicine, as it has an antibiotic effect and is rich in calcium, iodine, and potassium. Icelandic moss is also used as a travel charm, especially when crossing water. For centuries, Icelandic moss has been known to aid in all kinds of chest ailments and conditions. It also nourishes weak children, the elderly, and the handicapped. Throughout history, Icelandic moss has been used to cure tuberculosis.

  • Discussion Question: How will you use Icelandic moss?