August AroMagic Purchase

Welcome to a new month of AroMagic! I am so excited to continue this journey deeper into the world of aromatherapy using herbs and oils with you. No matter if you’re brand new to aromatherapy or knowledgeable and experienced, this class is a place for all to take their knowledge deeper. This month, we will be focusing on herbs and oils for balance and new beginnings across all planes (physical, mental, spiritual, auric), which you received wonderful examples of in your AroMagic kits – frangipani, helichrysum, passion flower, and agrimony.

Please note that the oils in your kit, if you purchased it, are undiluted and should be suspended in a carrier oil or lotion base before use on your body. And please do your own research surrounding any personal contraindications, illnesses, or issues you may have. Always check with your doctor, especially if you take any medication.


AroMagic Herbs and oils for balance and new beginnings Frangipani – Plumeria, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
Masculine/Feminine: Feminine
Element: Water
Planet: Venus, Moon

Frangipani is the common name for a genus of flowering plants from the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. The species generally grows in warm climates and its flowers are famous for being most fragrant at night. The genus name plumeria is in honor of French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled the New World in the seventeenth century to document then unknown plants and animal species. While native to the Americas, the plant is also grown throughout India as an ingredient for incense, and throughout Southeast Asia where it is associated with graveyards, as it is believed to serve as protection from ghosts and negative entities.

Legends say that Catholic missionaries spread frangipanis around the world as they travelled. This is a possible explanation why frangipani is so common in the Philippines and Thailand as well as the Hawaiian islands, where missionaries were welcomed, but very rare in China and Vietnam, where they were not. It is also believed the Aztecs created a decoction of frangipani flowers and other plants mixed in with the internal organs of certain predatory animals to form a powerful potion that would protect against the effects of fear, lethargy and faintheartedness.

Properties of frangipani

Frangipani essential oil is primarily known for its calming, sedative and deeply aphrodisiac properties. It encourages a deep sense of openness to those around you, attracting love, trust, and feelings of appreciation and admiration. Frangipani possesses a sweet scent that is slightly buttery and enhanced by a refreshing burst of citrus. Frangipani is one of the most alluring and captivating essential oils we can work with due to its uplifting and soul soothing qualities. This oil instantly relieves the effects of stress and invigorates the mind and body to bring deep peace and tranquility. It also boosts confidence and self-esteem, while soothing and relaxing the nerves and muscles. Spiritually it encourages both inner and outer awareness and can be used to increase psychic sensitivity, which in turn, can help us uncover our path and facilitate new beginnings.

This oil is also excellent for massage work as it moisturizes the skin, relieves itch, soothes inflammation, and relaxes tense nerves.

HelichrysumHelichrysum italicum, Africa, Madagascar, Australasia, Eurasia

Element: All

A perennial herb, helichrysum italicum is a plant that produces golden yellow flower blossoms that have been used for ritual purposes since ancient times in Greece. These golden flowers produce helichrysum essential oil, which is created through the process of steam distillation. A deeply sweet, floral scent that reminds some of honey, helichrysum is often referred to as the Everlasting or Immortal flower. It possess both spiritual and practical uses, making it a powerhouse essential oil that should be part of everyone’s medicine cabinet.

The word helichrysum is inspired after its golden yellow flowers, and comes from the Greek words helios, meaning sun, and chrysos which means gold. The colloquial name, immortelle, is another reference to the flowers, as they are long lasting blossoms that do not wither easily or quickly. Helichrysum is often used in magic rituals to invoke the spirits of the departed, and can also be employed for scrying and channeling practices. This essential oil is believed to stop a husband from committing adultery, and there are traditions of women carrying this plant at all times for this reason. Another legend reports that helichrysum flowers were dried and brought to the Greek Gods as offerings to incur their favor.

Properties of helichrysum

More anti-inflammatory than chamomile, more tissue regenerating than lavender, and even more cicatrisant than frankincense, helichrysum heals physical and emotional scarring, opens the heart space, links body with spirit, and opens us to a deeper level of spirituality. This essential oil increases awareness, creativity, patience, intuition, and calm. Spiritually, it helps us connect with unresolved emotions and gradually restores repressed memories that are buried deep within the subconscious mind. Due to its soothing properties, it brings a sense of relief to those harboring painful emotions, allowing an opportunity to work through them with gentleness and patience.

Modern science has been able to confirm traditional beliefs that have been known for centuries: helichrysum essential oil is antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Helichrysum essential oil is also an integral component of cosmetic skin care products, as it is reputed to support the growth of the skin’s natural collagen count, contributing to the reduction of wrinkles. Supportive in the healing of wounds, bruises, and scar tissue, helichrysum significantly enhances skin health, regeneration and overall beauty.

This oil is very effective as an emergency first aid treatment of injuries. It can be applied to bleeding wounds, even large ones, when medical help is not immediately available. It can reduce and even stop bleeding until medical treatment is available. It is also extremely useful in treating severe burns and in the regeneration of tissue during wound healing.


Passion FlowerPassiflora, South America, East Asia, Southern Asia, New Guinea, United States
Zodiac: Cancer
Masculine/Feminine: Feminine
Element: Water
Planet: Venus

There are about 500 known species of passion flower. A perennial, climbing vine, passion flower is native to the southeastern parts of the Americas, although it can now be found throughout the world, including Europe. The plant was originally discovered in 1569 by Spanish explorers in Peru. They named the plant this way because they believed its outward appearance resembled a crucifix. In Christianity, “the Passion” is a term used to describe the death of Jesus Christ, including his crucifixion. Therefore, they interpreted their discovery of this plant as a symbolic indicator of his approval for their exploration and missionary work. Passion flower has had deeply religious and spiritually symbolic associations ever since.

With a name like passion flower, this plant can only embody kindness, and a gentle, calming nature. The passion flower produces an edible fruit that is egg-shaped and berrylike, which may be yellow or purple in coloration. The fruit was grown by the Aztecs, Incas and other South American Native Indians for thousands of years before the arrival of European colonizers. In modern times, passion flower is used as a sedative for promoting calmness and relaxation, and as it is associated with Venus it also has a long history of ritual use, particularly when it comes to love magic.

Properties of passion flower

Recent preliminary studies suggest passion flower relieves insomnia and anxiety, as It appears to boost levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This is a compound that helps lower brain activity, which can support wonderful sleep and deeper rest.

Due to its relation to Venus, passion flower has been used to attract lovers, friendship, abundance and for heightening sexual desire and libido. It is a popular practice to carry passion flower throughout the day to increase personal charisma and likability. You can also bathe in an infusion of passion flower for five days to attract a new partner. Combined with the sense of calm that it brings, this is an ideal herb for personal transformation.

Passion flower is sometimes added to ritual incense when celebrating the Autumn Equinox.

It can be sprinkled at doorways and windows to protect your home, and when placed under your pillow, it will encourage not only sweet dreams, but a rejuvenating sense of relaxation.

AgrimonyAgrimonia, Northern Hemisphere, Europe, Western Asia, North Africa
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Masculine/Feminine: Masculine
Element: Air
Planet: Jupiter

Agrimony is a perennial plant native to Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa, although it is now common throughout most of the US and Canada. The entire plant has a sweet citrusy scent, and agrimony has a traditional reputation as a medicinal herb. Bearing yellow flowers with egg-shaped petals, agrimony has a distinct, pleasant scent that is sometimes compared to apricots, although it isn’t as sweet. The name agrimony comes from the Greek argemone, meaning ‘plant used for treating cataracts’, although agrimony is not often used in this way. The Anglo-Saxons referred to it as ‘garclive’ and used it to treat wounds, skin blemishes, warts, and snakebites. An early herbal remedy incorporated a mix of agrimony, human blood, and pounded frogs to treat internal bleeding.

Agrimony has a long standing reputation as a powerfully magical plant, and one of its earliest names is in fact ‘fairy’s wand’. During the Elizabethan period, herbalists referred to agrimony as ‘philanthropos’, because of its many medicinal properties. Spiritually, agrimony can bring us closer to accepting our darker side, so that we can become more integrated and fulfilled human beings.

Properties of agrimony

Agrimony can be used to summon protection, create a protective psychic shield, and to reduce the influence of another’s negativity. It is believed that agrimony can reverse harmful spells, causing them to be sent back to the sender. You can carry it with you in your medicine bag for energetic protection, burn it in ritual, or use it as a wash to cleanse the aura.

Much like quartz can magnify intentions, agrimony is very useful in healing magic as it enhances the strength of all healing, especially from a distance. You can use this oil in a ritual bath before beginning any work, to wash your tools, or burn it as an offering. Agrimony can be added to pillows, or placed under the pillow to ensure a deep, dreamless sleep.

Agrimony has well documented properties. Chinese medicine uses it to treat menstrual issues and Native Americans employed it to treat skin conditions, coughs, sore throats, and diarrhea. Agrimony is known to contain beneficial active compounds such as catechin, which is a water soluble polyphenol and antioxidant. It also contains quercitrin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and the the complex polyphenol tannin, which is a natural astringent. Agrimony contains palmitic, silicic, and ursolic acids. Recent studies have found that palmitic acid may help fight skin cancer, and silicic acid is a compound of hydrogen, oxygen, and silicon that is proven to benefit hair, skin, and nails.

Bonus: OIL: Elemi  HERB: Opoponax Resin
ElemiCanarium luzonicum, Philippines
Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Masculine/Feminine: Feminine
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury, Moon, Uranus

Elemi oil comes from the canarium luzonicum tree, a tropical tree native to the Philippines. It belongs to the same family of trees as frankincense and myrrh. The name Elemi is derived from the Arabic and can be translated to “As above, so below”. In ancient times, it was regarded highly as a sacred oil, and was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming, as it was believed to help the soul transcend to the next realm of existence. Elemi is a very spiritually powerful oil, and is beneficial in sharpening awareness and clarity for meditative and magical work, bringing the Crown and Root chakras into harmonious balance.

Elemi is known to be clarifying and cleansing with the added benefit of energizing properties. It stimulates mental agility, creates a spirit of hopefulness, and is said to relieve depression.

Properties of elemi

Elemi can be used to reduce mucus, heal respiratory issues, and help soothe coughs. It is also effective for treating chest infections, especially where there is a lot of mucus present. Elemi oil is excellent when used in a diffuser as it can be beneficial for reducing mucus and for sinus infections. Elemi can be used for reducing scars, and supporting healthy tissue regrowth. Elemi essential oil is known for toning and rejuvenating the skin, and also helps heal infected cuts and inflamed skin.

Elemi brings hope and revitalizes the spirit in times of nervous exhaustion and stress. Magically, elemi essential oil is used for rites of passage, initiation and new beginnings. It helps release preconceived notions and old ideas and facilitates the dawn of a new chapter in life.

Opoponax ResinCommiphora opoponax, East Africa
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Scorpio
Gender: Feminine
Element: Water
Planet: Saturn, Mars

Opoponax is a natural oleo-gum resin much like myrrh or frankincense. The name itself comes from a variety of different sources including the Anglo-Norman ‘opoponac’ and the Latin ‘opoponax’. Opoponax has a long history as a sacred oil since Biblical times. When used in meditation and ritual, it will bring massive spiritual revelation. Be ready for
your deepest truths to emerge to the surface of your conscious being when working with opoponax. Remember, the more clarity you have, the more success you will invoke with your manifestation work.

Opoponax extraction is done by making incisions in the tree bark. A thick gum seeps out of these incisions which then solidifies into brown lumps that are later steam distilled. While similar in production and aroma to sweet myrrh, opoponax oil tends to be lighter and sweeter than myrrh.

Properties of opoponax

Opoponax has a rich, balsamic aroma that makes it a highly desired ingredient in perfumery and incense making. It possesses various medicinal properties as an antispasmodic and deobstruent, and also serves as a concentration aid.

Opoponax essential oil is considered a highly spiritual oil. It is best used in divination and ritual work to encourage receptivity to occult knowledge. This oil works to create a state of being which is conducive to the revelation of hidden knowledge, and for exploring the hidden depths of your subconscious. An ideal method for incorporating opoponax oil into your spiritual or divinatory work is to diffuse it from an oil diffuser or burner. Or you can wear the oil as a perfume to not only smell divine, but to remain open to spiritual influences