Advisor Vault

Welcome to the Sage Goddess Advisor Vault. This is where I will be posting a wide variety of creative collateral that is accessible only to Advisor members. My aim is to provide you with tools to help you sell Sage Goddess product and memberships, recruit members beneath you and grow your business. I will also be posting educational videos, guided meditations, and ongoing product training, including DIY recipes and collateral only accessible to you, my special, elite Advisor level members.

In addition to sharing product listings and Today’s New Offerings  (don’t forget to use the Referral URL Generator to create your personalized links), this vault is a powerful sales tool you can use to maximize your earning potential. We have collated a wide variety of magical treasures we hope you will enjoy sharing with your friends and family.

And don’t forget to visit the Affiliate Vault (yes, you have access to this too!) for additional product and promotional items.

And so we move forward together, in the spirit of healing, wholeness and abundance.

Tips of the Day:

Are you new to the Advisor Program? Welcome! Maybe you are unsure what to do next?  Or perhaps you’re looking for an explanation of how the Advisor Program works? Never fear, my fellow goddesses, we have broken the program down into 7 simple, easy-to-understand tips right here:

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Recruiting Advisors Beneath You

Are you looking to recruit Advisors in your network beneath you? If so, I have a range of creative artwork available that you can share in your social networks to encourage people to join you on your Advisor journey.

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Daily Inspiration:

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Educational Videos

Learn the Smudging Basics

The Magic of Essential Oils

The Magic of Astrology in Love

Learn About Quartz

Learn About Topaz

Learn About Fluorite

Learn About Aura Stones

Learn About Diamantina Quartz

Athena was live in Tucson, and she is sharing all her magical discoveries in the Gem Wise Facebook page. Share this link with potential Advisors to give them an idea of what they’re missing!

 Selling Soul Shift

Are you hoping to encourage your friends and family to join Soul Shift?

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Use this link to share Rosie’s real story:

Are you hoping to encourage your friends and family to join Soul Shift? Use this link to share Norma’s real story:

Are you hoping to encourage your friends and family to join Soul Shift? Use this link to share Ahri’s real story:

Selling by Product Category

Are you interested in a particular kind of product? Crystals and gems, perhaps? Or essential oils? Maybe you love sacred tools? Click below to access creative artwork that you can use to promote all kinds of specific products.

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Athena’s Top 13 Stones

Would you like to learn more about the powerful properties of Athena’s Top 13 stones? Click here for gorgeous creative artwork you can share with those you love:

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Which Archetype Are You?

Are you a Shaman? Or a Magician? An Entrepreneur, a Peacemaker, a Priestess, an Empath or a Healer? Share your answer with those you love…

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Business Cards and Screensavers

Click here to access creative artwork for business cards and screensavers