About Sage Goddess

What is your heart’s deepest desire? Sage Goddess was created to help you unlock the longings of your soul, and so much more. Founded by Athena Perrakis in 2011, our metaphysical shop has both online and retail showroom space where we offer a wide array of crystals and other sacred tools to enhance your spiritual practice.

We carry a variety of natural and tumbled stones, gem carvings, collectible specimens, crystal infused fragrance, crystal jewelry, magical candles, smudge bundles, spiritual home décor, crystal infused bath and body products, magical texts, ritual kits, and more. Every offering is designed and crafted in house, or sourced and curated with the utmost care.

Our metaphysical tools support an array of practices, traditions, and faiths, for both the experienced shaman and the novice practitioner. Harness your skills of crystal healing, divination, circle keeping, soul retrieval, shamanic journey, psychic attunement, Reiki mastery, chakra alignment, moon magic, and soul pathing. Refine your knowledge of numerology, astrology, and angel numbers.

We also offer online classes, taught by Athena, where you can learn tarot, practice spiritual leadership, and empower yourself through goddess archetypes. In addition, Athena’s spiritual blog offers guidance on leading a metaphysical lifestyle.

Our intention behind each offering, every class, and all content is to cultivate love, light, and healing for the Highest Good of All. Simply put, our deepest desire at Sage Goddess is to spread magic.


Athena Perrakis, Sage GoddessAthena has a Ph.D. in education, 10 years of university teaching and corporate consulting experience, and more than a decade of experience leading live and virtual circles for a variety of lunar and metaphysical purposes. She has studied gemology, astrology, tarot, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine for more than 25 years, and descends from a long line of Mediterranean and Native American medicine women, leaders, and healers. Her practice is an amalgam of indigenous tribal, pagan, and Judeo-Christian traditions.

We would love to be in touch with you and answer any product or program questions you have. You can find us here.

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