Athena Perrakis, Sage Goddess

About Sage Goddess

Sage Goddess, one of the most popular spiritual lifestyle brands on the market, is a purveyor of tools and inspiration to create sacred space where people of all backgrounds can find peace and purpose.

Specializing in gemstones, infused candles, perfumes, handmade bath salts, sage bundles, and specialty beauty products, the Sage Goddess brand reaches millions of customers around the world.

Headquartered just outside of Los Angeles in Torrance, California in a gorgeous, 12,000 square foot production studio and meditation space, Sage Goddess also offers seminars and specialized trainings, both in-person and online. Each month, customers and students enroll in Sage Goddess educational programs to deepen their study of gemstone mythology and practice, sacred rituals, and personal manifestation.

About The Founder, Athena Perrakis

Athena Perrakis, Ph.D., is a former university professor and executive leadership consultant with Corporate Executive Board (CEB), where she developed a portfolio of Fortune 50 companies, including Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, and Cisco Systems. In 2011, she launched Sage Goddess to help individuals seek wisdom in their subtle, yet powerful, divine life force, and in the short time since, has grown the company into an internationally recognized resource for sacred tools and deep, personal learning.

Athena works with men and women from 12 countries through her online programs and private mentoring practice, and brings 25 years of formal and informal training to her work. She has studied aromatherapy, shamanism, Wicca, Native American tribal practices, and ancient ceremonial practices from both eastern and western traditions. Her personal lineage is Mediterranean and Native American. Her Greek ancestors descend from just outside Delphi, the birthplace of the famous Oracle.

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