About Sage Goddess

Welcome to Sage Goddess, the largest and most trusted retail source of sacred tools and gemstones in the world; with a loyal community of more than 200,000 fans and followers, Sage Goddess reaches more than a million people each week with messages and offerings that inspire, encourage, and nourish the spirit. But Sage Goddess began with a single product – a white sage bundle – and a single intention: To connect the world in a virtual circle, following lunar rhythms and celebrating lunar magic in the traditions of our ancestors, who joined in similar circles and embraced these traditions for millennia before we were conceived. We are keepers of a powerful and deeply sacred lineage.

Our mission at Sage Goddess is to connect you to your inner wisdom and your own personal lineage so you can hear and attune to your ancestors’ voices. We do this by helping you find your unique path into the circle of magic and energy. For some who have been stone keepers and crystal magicians, your ‘way in’ is to work with the gems and minerals and listen for their wisdom, which is transmitted through each unique vibration. For some who have been alchemists and wizards, your ‘way in’ is via enchanted wisdom and ritual practice, a more experiential path. For some who have been medicine women and witches, your ‘way in’ is through the herbs, potions, essential oils, and resins, smudging and scenting your way into the ancient circle as you did in the days of the great temples and oracles. My journey is to support all of you – wizards, alchemists, medicine women, shaman, priestesses, oracles, seers, mystics, shapeshifters. I honor your way in to the magic, whatever that path looks like for you.

Our philosophy is simple but profound, and shapes all facets of our company: Your path to wisdom is uniquely yours and your life purpose is to find it and then live it authentically, without fear, so you inspire others to do the same.

Sage Goddess offers more than 2000 different products and offerings in the shop, so you will find a product or tool to suit almost every need and practice; at Sage Goddess we take a shamanic approach to business, and believe that tools find the keeper. If you are called to a tool or offering, it’s often because that tool has a message for you – an energy you need, a transmission you’ve asked form, a vibration that can heal or support you. We honor your intuition and discernment about when, whether, and which tools are needed at any given time. Similarly, we value a depth of learning and discovery in order to understand and respect the greater mysteries. Three levels of online membership in experiential live courses on psychology, ritual, magic, shamanism, and alchemy provide you with a strong theoretical and philosophical foundation for your work and exploration.


Athena Perrakis, Sage GoddessAthena has a Ph.D. in education, 10 years of university teaching and corporate consulting experience, and more than a decade of experience leading live and virtual circles for a variety of lunar and metaphysical purposes. She has studied gemology, astrology, tarot, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine for more than 25 years, and descends from a long line of Mediterranean and Native American medicine women, leaders, and healers. Her practice is an amalgam of indigenous tribal, pagan, and Judeo-Christian traditions.

We would love to be in touch with you and answer any product or program questions you have. You can find us here.