Athena is the creator of Sage Goddess, a virtual Sacred Space where wisdom and magical tools are offered for ritual and personal use. Women from around the world gather each month to work with Athena through the Sage Goddess online courses, Magical Sabbatical and Gem Wise, and learn about the Old Ways and gemology in order to deepen their spiritual practice in a safe and intimate environment. Athena works with women from 12 countries through her online programs and private mentoring practice, and brings 25 years of formal and informal training and expertise to her work as space holder and owner of Sage Goddess. She has studied aromatherapy, shamanism, wicca, Native American tribal practices, and ancient ceremonial practices from both eastern and western traditions.

Athena also brings her own personal lineage to her work. She is the Great Granddaughter of a Mediterranean medicine woman and direct descendent of a Native American tribal Chief. The women in her line have been practicing magic for centuries. Athena’s indigenous and diverse roots allow her to ground her sacred practice in traditions that are literally as deep and as old as time itself. With a reverence for both the light and shadow of magical work, Athena is careful to maintain a high energetic vibration in her practice, which is transferred to everyone who receives her gems, candles, perfumes, bundles, wands, fans, and other treasures. Through Sage Goddess, Athena shares tools and wisdom for sacred practice and ritual living that infuse every facet of life with a healthy dose of magic. She believes life is a ceremony and every woman is a priestess.

Sage Goddess is headquartered in Torrance, CA. To reach us, email